Corey Stewart wins GOP primary for U.S. Senate

Corey Stewart speaks to his supporters at the victory party in The Electric Palm Restaurant in Woodbridge on June 12, 2018, after winning the GOP nomination for U.S. Senator.  Paul Lara/for

Former Prince William Board of Supervisors Chair Corey Stewart has been hired to a new, senior position in the U.S. Commerce Department to help push hardline trade policies toward China, Reuters reported Monday

Stewart, who did not seek re-election as board chair last year after serving in that role since 2007, is a supporter of President Donald Trump. Stewart chaired Trump's 2016 campaign in Virginia until he was fired about a month before the election

Stewart ran unsuccessfully for statewide office several times, most notably losing the 2018 election for U.S. Senate to Democrat Tim Kaine by almost 16 percentage points.

At the Commerce Department, Stewart, an international trade lawyer, will be principal deputy assistant secretary for export administration, sources told Reuters.

The Trump administration has signaled it intends to continue efforts to beef up restrictions on China, despite Trump’s short time left in office. Stewart’s appointment is expected to be used to reinforce the tougher policies, the sources said.

Stewart was brought in by the Presidential Personnel Office, the sources said. The office is headed by John McEntee, who was tasked by Trump with ensuring loyalty among senior aides at Cabinet agencies.

Stewart is expected to serve in the new role until the end of the Trump administration on Jan. 20.

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Good. Maybe he can talk with Hunter and see how things are going with CEFC China Energy. Apparently quite well, based on their investment in the crack addict.


One Loser hired by another Loser.


Right on. Instead, maybe Corey should spend a LOT of quality time up close and personal with trump jr.

Comment deleted.

You are hilareous Derek. No matter the subject, you call the person you disagree with a racist. So childish. It makes me wonder if you are stil in junior high. Other liberals that comment here at least have funny comments and show they have an inkling of what is going in the world, even if it is a warped inkling. You however are clueless. And on top of that you want me to move away because you disagree with me. Grow up and be a man (I hope that is not too presumptuous of me).

Comment deleted.

So Solly where is the evidence? You have none. Just hysterical ranting and mutterings of global conspiracies.

So what should we conclude? Based on your evidence as far as I can see you're making it up. Or as Christopher Hitchens once wrote:

"What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence."

Comment deleted.

Listen derek005 they kicked you off of here once for calling everyone who doesn't agree with you a racists, now you are calling people crack heads, you are a very disturbed person and should not be allowed to post unless you are going to be reasonable without calling people names that do not follow your line of thinking. If not I will ask that Insidednova remove you permanently and I have the ability to do just that. What you post is against the rules for this site.


Corey Stewart sold out Prince William county to out of town developers in order to fund his embarrassing failures of a campaign. That he single handedly turned the commonwealth blue will be his lasting legacy.


Mr "I was Trump before Trump" [lol]..... Trump really knows how to take care of his friends[innocent]... by giving them a temp job while on his way out[lol][lol] Holy Temp Agencies Bat Man[batman][lol][lol]


Grifters gonna grift.


And here I thought this utter disaster of an administration couldn’t get any worse or sink any lower..... [lol][lol][lol]


Give them time, they have around two months left.

Catherine Christine

Congratulations former Chairman Stewart. Thank you for your service.

Comment deleted.

derek005, time to get off the internet. you're mommy is calling you and your pizza pockets are ready.


Losers attract each other apparently.

Catherine Christine

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