COVID-19 deaths in Virginia

The Virginia Department of Health reported 41 new COVID-19 related deaths on Saturday, Aug. 1, the most in any day since May 28.  Only seven of those were in Northern Virginia. 

Virginia has now reported more than 90,000 confirmed and probable cases of coronavirus, and Loudoun County has topped 5,000, according to Saturday's update from the Virginia Department of Health.

The health department also reported 41 new deaths related to COVID-19, the most since May 28, when a one-day record of 57 were reported. A total of 120 deaths have been reported in the past four days.   The health department has noted that death reports often lag the actual date of death by a significant number of days due to the time required for physicians to complete and file death certificates.  

The state reported 913 new cases Saturday, bringing the total to 90,801 since the first case was reported March 7.  In keeping with recent trends, it took just 10 days for the caseload to increase 10,000, from the 80,000 mark. 

COVID-19 case landmarks statewide

Positive Cases Date Reached Number of days since last 10,000
10,000 22-Apr 45
20,000 5-May 13
30,000 17-May 12
40,000 27-May 10
50,000 7-Jun 11
60,000 26-Jun 19
70,000 12-Jul 16
80,000 22-Jul 10
90,000 Aug. 1 10

In Northern Virginia, 173 new cases were added Saturday, also in line with trends since mid-June. The eastern region of the state, which has seen a recent surge, reported only 248 new cases, its lowest number in over three weeks.  Gov. Ralph Northam's tightened restrictions on restaurants and gatherings in that part of Virginia went into effect Friday.   

Of the new deaths reported Saturday, only seven were in Northern Virginia. Overall, the state has reported 2,215 deaths, with about 47%, 1,041, in Northern Virginia and nearly a quarter, 522, in Fairfax County. However, the percentage of deaths in Northern Virginia and Fairfax relative to the statewide totals has been declining in recent weeks along with the region's reduced caseload. 

Northern Virginia data by locality

SOURCE: Virginia Department of Health, Aug. 1, 2020

Locality Cases Hospitalizations Deaths
Alexandria 2,811 270 59
Arlington 2,906 435 136
Fairfax 15,689 1,900 522
Fairfax City 80 11 7
Falls Church 59 10 6
Loudoun 5,014 336 112
Manassas 1,607 118 20
Manassas Park 498 50 7
Prince William 8,893 779 172
Totals 37,557 3,909 1,041
County/City Cases Hospitalizations Deaths
Fredericksburg 356 40 2
Spotsylvania 1,318 92 35
Stafford 1,258 116 7
Fauquier 572 34 8
Totals 3,504 282 52

Seven-day testing positivity rate by health district

SOURCE: Virginia Department of Health, Aug. 1, 2020.

Health District Rate Trend
Alexandria 5.7 Up
Arlington 4.1 Stable
Fairfax 5.5 Stable
Loudoun 5.4 Stable
Prince William 8.3 Stable
Rappahannock 5.2 Stable
Statewide 7.2 Stable

The health department's COVID-19 data is updated each morning by 10 a.m. and includes reports by local health agencies before 5 p.m. the previous day. 


New Cases/Deaths

  • Northern Virginia: 173 new cases, 6 new deaths

  • Statewide: 913 new cases, 41 new deaths (highest since May 28)

  • Statewide Testing: 16,567 diagnostic tests

Overall Total

  • Northern Virginia: 37,557 cases, 1,041 deaths

  • Statewide: 90,801 cases, 2,215 deaths

  • Statewide Testing: 1.12 million diagnostic tests (1.23 million when including antibody tests)

  • Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) cases: 8 

*Provided by Virginia Department of Health

Statewide Hospital and Nursing Home Data

  • Hospitalizations: 1,256 (down from 1,334 the previous day)

  • Peak Hospitalizations: 1,625 reached May 8

  • Patients in ICU: 275 (down from 279 the previous day)
  • Patients Discharged: 12,007 total

  • Nursing Home Patients: 415 confirmed positive cases as of July 31 (Aug. 1 update not available)

*Provided by Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association

U.S. | World Data

  • U.S.: 153,391 deaths, 4.57 million cases, 1.44 million recovered

  • World: 680,185 deaths, 17.62 million cases, 10.36 million recovered

*Provided by Johns Hopkins University

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The COVID-19 tragedies continue to grow nationwide. States, counties & cities had to take the lead for a NATIONAL tragedy b/c we have an incompetent 'potus' who was sure this was a HOAX...a plot to get him...all about him...

If we'd had the same leadership in the early 1940's, we'd have lost D-Day & be speaking German today.


These actions are not for any sitting President to decide. The separation of Federal v. state powers are spelled out in the Constitution.

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