Daquan Artis Tinker

Daquan Artis Tinker after his arrest in September 2020.

A Prince William County jury on Wednesday convicted a D.C. man in the robbery of a casino winner who was followed from MGM National Harbor to his Dale City home in December 2019.

Daquan Artis Tinker was convicted of attempted aggravated murder, robbery, and malicious wounding of two victims in the case, the Prince William County Commonwealth's Attorneys Office said in a news release.

Tinker, 25, pleaded not guilty to eight charges and was convicted of all of them, including the attempted murder and malicious wounding charges, as well as two robbery charges, and four use of a firearm in the commission of a felony charges.

Prosecutors say that on Dec. 19, 2019, at 1:43 a.m., police responded to Pearson Drive in Dale City to investigate a shots fired call. When officers arrived, they located a 33-year-old man with a gunshot wound and assault wounds to the upper body. The other victim was a man that was pushed down and held at gunpoint. Both men were robbed, the release said. One of the men had won nearly $40,000 at the casino that night.

Responding officers provided immediate first aid to the gunshot wounded victim until fire and rescue personnel arrived and the victim was flown to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries. He survived the attack.

The investigation revealed that the victims had just returned home after gambling at the MGM National Harbor Casino in Oxon Hill, Maryland. As they exited their car, they were approached by multiple masked men who had just pulled into the driveway behind them, the release said.

During the encounter, one victim was assaulted and then shot in the upper body before the suspects took an undisclosed amount of money and a cell phone from him. The suspects fled the scene in a dark colored SUV prior to police arriving.

Through investigation, the police were able to determine that the victims had won a significant amount of money at the MGM Casino. Video footage from inside the MGM revealed that the suspects had followed the victims around the casino until the men left, the release said.

The suspects then followed the victims into the parking garage and to Dale City.

On March 2, 2020, detectives with the Violent Crimes Unit obtained warrants for the arrest of the three men in connection to the shooting: Daquan Tinker, Javontae Smallwood, and Tavon Vines. Court status of the other suspects wasn't immediately available.

"With the upcoming expansion of the casino in Dumfries, people need to be aware of their surroundings when leaving any establishment with large sums of cash," Commonwealth's Attorney Amy Ashworth said in the news release. "Ask for an escort, utilize the casino’s wiring capabilities to wire the funds directly to your bank account, and drive to the police station if you believe you’re being followed. Be safe.”

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(17) comments

CarWash Bonzai

I would've sent this man to Kingdom Come.

Farmall Super H

Democrats believe a biological male with a dink can become a woman and breast feed a baby via a chest-strapped silicon mammary system that better replaces the system created by God.

John Dutko

Republicans believe that marrying a 13 year-old is legit. That's some groomer stuff. Get y'alls act together.

LOL, go on and defend Republican rationale behind it!

Tom Manson

Marrying them AND putting them to work. Crazy how they protect these laws that both enable child a use, then project their fears on to librarians and drag shows. Or whatever distraction their Cheeto or don have them chasing

Shadow Panther

And as a note, Smallwood is currently serving 15-30 years because he took a plea deal. Tinker tried to beat the rap and is facing possible life in prison. Vines is next up on the list now that Tinker was convicted.

Shadow Panther

If you look at Mr. Tinker's record, he skated on a murder charge 8 years ago because of a hung jury. This time his deeds caught up with him and his partners in crime. Justice delayed, but justice finally served.

dana walls

Tom your so very right in what you said !!

Brad London

Daquan Artis Tinker proves that the culture of violence continues...

Casey Avatar

This is what happens when establishments let loitering occur. You can't even go out for a night at the casino without being targeted, followed and then robbed & shot at your Home! Disgraceful! I hope they get the maximum sentences so we can then hear all the progressives yell about disparity!

Shadow Panther

The casino announces the winners... and our group of criminals were only in the casino for about 40 minutes.

One is already serving 30. Tinker is facing life. I suspect Vines will be looking at the same.

Farmall Super H

Just another day in Democratville. Since Democrats support aborting viable babies after birth, a few shootings here and there and the residual impact on life is meaningless, since human life to a Democrat is meaningless anyhow.

Tom Manson

Conservatives love to protect unborn babies so they can ignore and abuse them once they pop out.

Paul Benedict

Libs like to kill babies in the womb, and sometimes beyond, and then put the survivors in crappy schools where they learn their gender is fluid, and then when they grow up stupid and commit crimes they blame it on things that happened 150 years ago.

John Dutko

Conservatives like to beat their children and those lawmakers advocate for corporal punishment in schools (Oklahoma), removing children working protections (Arkansas), and denying meals to needy children (Montana). And then, the conservative lawmakers want to govern the biological conversations of girls going through puberty (Florida).

Why do Republicans want to rob children of their lives? Why do they ideologically associate themselves with Russian beliefs? Why are they absolutely obsessed with sexual purity yet have the highest teenage pregnancy rates? Look at Dopey Boebert who is becoming a grandmother at 36. THAT is who represents modern Republicans.

Brad London

Tommy Manson, thanks for proving your lack of intelligence. Well done!

dana walls

your a man thats never been raped n then turned up pregnant. why do i want a baby from a man that can rape a woman ?? if i could have taken the pill then i wouldnt have to make a choice about a abortion , now would i ? learn more about it n then run ur mouth...ok

Duke Nukem

Yeah and the few they do adopt grow up to hate them, call them racist in an attempt to sell more books and make more money! Shoulda been aborted.

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