Del. Mark Levine (D-45th)

Del. Mark Levine (D-45th) in a photo from his campaign Web site.

Northern Virginia Del. Mark Levine has become the eighth Democrat to announce a bid for lieutenant governor in 2021.

Levine, who has represented portions of Arlington County, Fairfax County and Alexandria in the House of Delegates since 2015, declared his candidacy in a news release Monday morning.  

“Injustice really gets under my skin,” Levine said in the release. “All our lives we’ve been told ‘that’s just the way things are.’ But I’ve found – if you’re persistent and creative, get the details right, and work with others of good will – even the toughest problems can be solved. So when I hear something is ‘impossible,' that’s my cue to get to work!”

Although lieutenant governor is technically a part-time position, Levine said he would make a full-time role. 

If elected, I would visit every one of Virginia’s 133 counties and cities during my term and assist the governor in connecting with everyday Virginians all across the commonwealth," he said. "To heed their voices, we must hear them first.”

In 1996, Levine’s sister was murdered by her husband. The first bill he drafted was a Tennessee law to protect victims of domestic violence and their children. The law passed unanimously.  In 1999, Levine co-founded Marriage Equality California, one of the earliest organizations in the nation to champion the legalization of same-sex marriage.  

Levine moved to Alexandria in 2001 to serve as legislative counsel for Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA).

On his second day in office, Levine co-founded the Virginia Transparency Caucus, which fought to ensure that all committee and subcommittee meetings were publicly recorded, live-streamed and archived. 

If elected, Levine would be the first openly LGBTQ+ statewide-elected official in Virginia history and would be the first Jewish person elected statewide as well.  

Levine is the fifth Northern Virginia resident in the lieutenant governor's race on the Democratic side. The other candidates from the region are Dels. Hala S. Ayala and Elizabeth R. Guzman of Prince William County, Fairfax County NAACP President Sean Perryman, and Arlington County businessman Xavier Warren. Also running for the nomination, expected to be decided in a primary next spring or early summer, are former Virginia Democratic Party chairman Paul Goldman, Norfolk City Council member Andria P. McClellan and Del. Sam Rasoul of Roanoke. 

Republican candidates include Fairfax business consultant Puneet Ahluwalia; Lance Allen, a national security company executive who lives in Fauquier County; Del. Glenn R. Davis Jr. of Virginia Beach, and former delegate Timothy D. Hugo of Fairfax. 

Current Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax is running for governor.





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Levine spends way too much time in Richmond on LGBTQ issues and not enough time on issues that affect all his constituents, like education, housing, and transportation.

Comment deleted.

Another facilitator for Portland on the Potomac (trending towards Hong Kong on the Potomac) heard from. Urbanists are the Nimbys, don't and won't live in Arlington, your back yard is their "redevelopment opportunity".


Only letters in the alphabet Delegate Levine recognizes are L G B T and Q. Only time Commonwealth infrastructure in his District is repaired is when it crumples, e.g. bridges over I-395.


Arlington's Democratic Party controls the Media - everything from publishing Dem Party press releases as news almost daily, to ignoring and disparaging non-Dem candidates for public office, to allowing Dem Party activists who don't live in Arlington to trash anyone who doesn't go along with the program.

Comment deleted.

My name is Charles, and I live in Arlington. Sad that there are so many on-line ward heelers who one way or another trash anyone who doesn't go along with the program, another reason we've had one-party government here for almost 40 years.

Allen Muchnick

Posting the comments above under three different aliases is deceptive, not "truthful" The syntax similarities (and sentiments) of these three aliases clearly indicate that one individual authored all the comments above.

It's long past time for the InsideNOVA moderator to enforce the discussion rules below. and stop deleting my honest and factual comments calling out this fraud.

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