State police are investigating what led to a driver shooting at another vehicle while traveling north Wednesday night on Interstate 395 in Arlington County.

Anyone who may have witnessed the incidents or has information about the suspect vehicle is encouraged to call Virginia State Police at 703-803-0026 or email us at

At 10:36 p.m., state police received a call about a Toyota Corolla and Nissan Maxima exchanging gunfire as the vehicles were traveling north on I-395 just south of South Glebe Road near the Pentagon. The Toyota was fired upon again as the same two vehicles passed by the South Joyce Street overpass.

The Toyota Corolla stopped at the 12th Street Metro station, where Metro Police was able to render aid to the driver, who had been shot. The adult male driver is being treated at George Washington Hospital for serious, but non-life threatening, injuries.

The dark-colored Nissan Maxima with Texas plates has yet to be located.

The investigation remains ongoing at this time. There is no evidence of any other vehicles being fired at or damaged during the course of the shootings.

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(5) comments


Arlington Police were occupied with their annual seat belt enforcement dragnet.

Mike Hunt

Or until the Liberal Democrats defund them. I’m sure if these fine upstanding citizens were educated through social programs this would have never happened....

Paul Benedict

The vehicles were exchanging gunfire? I assume they mean the occupants were exchanging gunfire, but in my interpretation of those words, that means the shooting victim was shooting back. The victim may be the villain.


Just some Biden supporters showing the rest of us what the new normal looks like.

Lynne June

I seriously doubt that these people bother to vote.

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