U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at Washington Dulles International Airport last week seized nearly $3 million in counterfeit consumer goods from China.

The shipment, which arrived Aug. 22 and destined to a drop shipper in Dallas, was manifested as “sticker storage bag.” The shipment consisted of 74 boxes that included 4,213 belts of various designer brand names, 176 Louis Vuitton handbags, 39 Gucci shirts, 37 pairs of Gucci pants, and six Louis Vuitton shirts, CBP said in a news release.

Officers detained the shipment Aug. 24 as suspected counterfeit goods. CBP trade experts worked with trademark holders and verified that all 4,471 products were counterfeit. They appraised the products at $2,950,479 manufacturer’s suggested retail price, if authentic, the releases said.

CBP officers seized the shipment on Sept. 15.

Homeland Security Investigations agents in Dallas are pursuing an investigation of the drop shipping company.

“This is a significant seizure of counterfeit consumer goods that steals revenue from trademark holders, robs consumers of the high quality they expect with designer brand names, and more importantly, hits a disreputable seller where it hurts most -- in the pocket,” said Casey Durst, Director of Field Operations for CBP’s Baltimore Field Office.

“Customs and Border Protection remains steadfast in our commitment to continue working with Homeland Security Investigations and our consumer safety partners to identify and seize counterfeit and potentially dangerous commercial goods and hold disreputable vendors accountable,” Durst said.


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Joe Biden thinks China is our friend [smile]


Next time you buy Ivanka or any Trump clothes, check the label. MADE IN CHINA.

Wake Up & Smell The Coffee!

I won’t blame a business owner using all available resources authorized by our government. But I will blame our elected officials who authorized this! Clinton allowed us to be “Made in China”. Which gave rise to us becoming “Owned by China”.


It was Nixon who opened that door, paving the way for a decline in American manufacturing and reliance on cheaply made goods for an economy based on endless consumerism.


Nice effort at rewriting history. The entire process started in the 80's with Trumps hero Reagan. You know trickle down, the rich pee and the poor get wet economics? It allowed corporations to put shareholders first, harming the US workers and consumers. The GOP hasn't stopped "championing" the idea since.

The bottom line is that those in power write laws to profit themselves, they could give 2 you know what about the average Joe. I'll admit it goes both ways with GOP/Dems but one seems to care a bit more than the other.


Trump thinks China is a close ally and has praised Xi along with their massacre of the Uyghur's. [sad]


Try again, Trump just minutes ago laid into China harder then anyone since the East India trading Company.



His rhetoric matches Maduro, Castro, Chavez, or any other dictator. Unlike previous Presidents, Trump does not inspire confidence in the US from other nations, abdicates responsibility for being that "shining beacon on the hill", and repeats falsehoods that idiots fall for.

Wake Up & Smell The Coffee!

It is likely that Trump stated Xi was a close ally & praised him. But that would be prior to having adequate intel on CCP’s role in the pandemic. As for the Uyghur’s? I haven’t heard him praise their massacre. Have you heard POTUS specifically praise their massacre?


Ivanka and Trumps love those Chinese patents.


Hunter Biden caught again.


You spelled Rick Perry wrong.



so glad they caught them..wish we ddnt ever have 2 deal with china..build our own factories n make jobs here 4 all of us !!

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