Doing donuts on the Bay Bridge

A Dumfries man faces more than two dozen charges after police say he was caught on video doing donuts and other risky driving moves on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Maryland.

Maryland Transportation Authority Police were notified on Sept. 27 about the video, which was recorded the same day on the westbound span of the toll bridge in Queen Anne's County.

The video shows the driver of a Nissan sports car spinning in tire-smoking donuts in what appears to be heavy traffic. The suspension bridge spans four miles and has a height of 379 feet in the westbound lanes.

On Tuesday, Maryland Transportation Authority police identifed 22-year-old Gary Ray Montague Jr. of Dumfries, as the suspected driver of the vehicle in the video, and consulted with the Queen Anne's County State's Attorney's Office, the agency said in a news release.

The same day, Montague was charged with four counts of disorderly conduct and 23 traffic violations. Traffic charges include reckless driving, willfully damaging a highway and driving a motor vehicle in a manner intended to cause skidding.

He has a Nov. 18 court date in Queen Anne's County District Court.


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Can we all say at the same time? Nice job on catching this clown.


What a dummy! I can remember trying to do doughnuts when I was a young man. It's kind of of fun. But I did it in an empty parking lot. Doing this high on a bridge above the Chesapeake Bay putting many people at risk is extremely stupid. Like most of today's Democrats he apparently has no critical thinking skills. He certainly doesn't do anything to improve my impression of Dumfries. Between corruption, crime, and idiots the poor town just can't get a break.


Soiled Pants, It is always about Republican vs Democrats with you. You fake Republicans are the idiots and stupid ones who support Trump. He went to a fundraiser knowing he was around a positive person. Stupid and reckless. I hope all of you none mask wearers get the virus since you still think it is a hoax as the orange clown claimed. Elect a clown and get a circus and audience of followers who are ignorant to true facts.

Wake Up & Smell The Coffee!

It's common knowledge that we live in a divided country. So it's no surprise that "it is always about Republican vs. Democrats".

Incidentally, Trump never claimed the COVID-19 virus was a hoax. He was saying that Dem's criticism of his COVID response will be used as the newest hoax. Much like the impeachment hoax...



But whatev. He is still an impeached president. Now he is off to Walter Reed. And most likely all of the cabinet members have been exposed because he is a fake strongman, supports white supremacists, and is cash-poor.

Seriously though, wear a mask to protect yourself and others. It is too simple and easy. Nobody has suffocated from wearing a cloth mask, but over 210k Americans have because someone didn't.


Teenagers have been doing things like this for years, but this man is getting a little old for these antics. It’s particularly reckless because it’s on a busy bridge on which there is no “out” for other drivers. Unfortunately, broadcasting on social media seems to embolden these bad actors.


I agree that this person is a huge idiot. But I’m sorry, I seemed to have missed the mention of of either Republicans or Democrats in this article, so I’m not sure why the comments seemed to have veered off into a discussion about politics.

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