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Prince Williiam County voters turn out at the Woodbridge DMV on Caton Hill Road for the first day of early voting for the November general election. Early voting will continue through Oct. 31.

Nearly one-third as many voters as cast ballots in the 2016 presidential election have already voted this year in Prince William County, according to updated numbers from election officials earlier this week.

As of Tuesday, 36,271 residents had voted in-person and another 28,019 mail-in ballots had been returned. Combined, that reflects about 32.8% of the county’s total of 196,000 votes cast in the 2016 election.

In Manassas, about 3,000 in-person votes had been cast and another 2,500 mail-in ballots returned, a little more than a third of 2016 totals. In Manassas Park about 2,500 votes have already been cast, nearly half of 2016’s numbers.

The county will open five additional early-voting locations from Monday, Oct. 19, through Saturday, Oct. 31.

The five new sites join the three locations that have been open since Sept. 18: the county elections office in Manassas, the DMV’s Woodbridge office on Caton Hill Road and the Haymarket Gainesville Library.

Starting Monday, all eight locations will be open Mondays through Thursdays from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Fridays and Saturdays from 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. The five new locations are:

McCoart Administration Building, 1 County Complex, Woodbridge

AJ Ferlazzo Building, 15941 Donald Curtis Drive, Woodbridge

Piney Branch Elementary School, 8301 Linton Hall Road, Bristow

Charles J. Colgan, Sr. High School, 13833 Dumfries Road, Manassas

Dumfries Town Hall, 17739 Main Street, Suite 200, Dumfries

Voters may vote at any of the locations, regardless of which precinct they live in. Early voting ends at all locations Oct. 31.

Registered voters have until Oct. 23 to request a mail-in ballot. Mail-in ballots can be dropped at any polling location or returned by mail as long as they are postmarked by Nov. 3. All polls will be open on Election Day from 6 a.m. until 7 p.m.


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I'll wait until Nov 3rd and will vote in person so my ballot doesn't get thrown into the trash.


Fake, you are ignorant! Trump will not win and you can just get over it on November 3rd. We are voting racist/bigots out of office.

Wake Up & Smell The Coffee!

Ditto. I’m going with the tried & true. Voting in person & on Election Day.


Early voting in some locations can have a wait time upwards of three hours. If you procrastinate until election day (VA doesnt require a reason to vote early) be prepared for longer wait times in highly populated areas. Bring a folding chair and something to read. And no bathroom breaks.


So how is the story on Hunter dropping off an incriminating laptop in Delaware while living in California to a Trump supported shop owner whose only footage was wiped and who definitely saw Hunter but is legally blind, written by Sean Hannity's producer with information from Giuliani is holding up? Can't even last a week when scrutinized by legit sources.


A great deal of enthusiasm for replacing our corrupt orange liar-in-chief! Lock him up!


Lock him up for smoking crack with underage prostitutes while funneling millions of dollars in Chinese and Ukraine bribes to his VP father? oh wait that was Hunter Biden wasn't it? My bad.


Tabloids aren't a legitimate source of news especially when they use a guy like Giuliani who has known Putin related contacts and got Trump impeached over his activities in Ukraine. Hunter Biden did have a drug addiction that he has overcome, the underage prostitutes are a bogus accusation made up by Facebook grifters. There is absolutely zero evidence of any Ukraine bribes or any erroneous action whatsoever by VP Biden everything done was in accordance with US and international law, this is safe to say a complete GOP hoax made by a desperate losing party.

Wake Up & Smell The Coffee!

Please think objectively as I pose a question. You have come upon valuable information. Information that’s likely to change the course of history. You wish to have this information put in the hands of those who will share this information with our countrymen. You &/or your proxy contact the FBI with this information. But they did nothing to act upon & publicly disseminate any of this information! Additionally a copy of this information was given to Rudy Guiliani’s attorney (B. Costello). Guiliani & Costello are aware of the FBI’s unwillingness to act on this information. Short of options, they give the story to the 4th largest newspaper in US circulation.

My question to you. You’ve inadvertently obtained history changing information. What would you do to differently to ensure its public dissemination of content?


The FBI’s top agent for child porn isn’t tabloid fodder:



Piggybacking to pose question to Coffee: Is it ok to violate the 4th Amendment and would this hold up in court?



Honestly, it is pathetic the president cavorts with conspiracy nutjobs, white supremacists, foreign adversaries, and coastal elites.


" You're not getting the billion dollars, I said I'm leaving in six hours, if the prosecutor isn't fired by then, you're not getting the billion dollars. Well... SOB he got fired” - Joe Biden


Why do you lie so much Fake? You know this is false except for idiots like yourself. Grow the hell up!


Nepotism comes to mind. Funneling taxpayer money into personal businesses comes to mind. Obstruction, perjury, aiding foreign agents, releasing classified material via social media, and “would someone rid me of this insufferable priest” kind of orders to circumvent common sense laws.

And that is just the tip of four years of this garbage administration.

The only reason he is running is to dodge jail time and money lenders. He has no plan for America and has no qualms letting people die on his behalf.


So, just to clarify, Rudolph Giuliani was the best mayor New York City had. He turned a Democratic-made cesspool into a Disneyworld of cities. He made it extremely safe, clean, and prosperous. If you were to have been in NYC pre-Guiliani, you would understand. He showed great leadership during and after 9/11. No nut job here, just a great leader.

Wake Up & Smell The Coffee!

I’ll spare everyone how we’ve arrived here. But this election has come down to a question of 2 things. Love or hate. A vote for Trump is because of ones love. Love of Trump, love of country &/or love for the continuance of the USA as a Constitutional Republic. Conversely, a vote for Biden is because of ones hate. Hate for Trump, hate for country & hate for the existence of its Constitutional Republic. That said, this Presidential election is an all or nothing choice. Trump wins, our Constitutional Republic, as we know it continues. Biden wins, our Constitutional Republic is irrevocably replaced. But replaced by what? Whatever the replacement, it will be an exercise in futility. Why? Because the Constitutional Republic has historically been the most successful. So if it’s replaced, the only way is down. Love or hate, vote wisely.


lol What a bunch or disillusioned gibberish.....


When did conservatives become so simple minded? Was I that simple as a pre-Trump republican? I can't imagine so.

Liberals love their country just as much as conservatives. They are progressive in their goals to improve it, particularly around social change. You are certainly free to disagree on their goals, but to claim they lack a love of country because they want change is such a simple, and wrong response.

Tom Fitzpatrick

We voted on Columbus Day at the Woodbridge DMV. The staff was professional and pleasant, and kept the line moving quickly.

Yes, we did not know how it would work, and we did not realize we would have to turn over our ballot to someone who would then scan it. We would have preferred to have recorded it ourselves personally. But, it was painless, and we hope recorded.

Wake Up & Smell The Coffee!

Thank you for sharing your experience Tom. It is disconcerting that someone else scanned your ballot. It has me thinking of a widely accepted safety practice utilized in the medical community. You only inject or push a medication that you’ve personally drawn up & kept in your hands (possession) until you personally inject or push it. To do otherwise puts your patient and your license at risk.

Are we (Nurses & Physicians) not trustworthy people? Of course we’re trustworthy! But we are also human & mistakes can happen. Reducing an injectable medication’s chain of custody provides an added layer of safety and security. That said, your experience has lead me to question the security of your vote. Again, thank you for sharing your story!


So now Trump is portraying himself as the underdog and musing about fleeing the country if he loses. The incumbent should never be the underdog in any election, unless they did a horrible job.

Sounds like 40% of the country was conned and is stuck with this sunk-cost fallacy of a candidate who is ONLY running again to avoid jail time.

Trump supporters literally support and enable a criminal.


The voters were not conned; they simply did not want Hillary Clinton as President. With the help of MSM and social media censorship, of course, he’s in trouble. Prior to Covid, the economy was roaring. He would have won in a landslide. Trump acts up but he is not in early to mid-stages of dementia, he does not have the weak record of Biden, and, most importantly, he does not promote a socialist agenda. Some our our relatives came to the US to get away from their socialist countries. We need to resist it here.


2.1 million voters wanted Hillary quit your nonsense. Biden is not in early to mid stages of Dementia, Trump was the won who forgot the name of his own crony in Florida. Trump is the one who had trouble holding a glass of water and needed assistance to go down stairs, he eats fast food while Biden has protein shakes and bikes miles every morning.


And he failed as a leader to navigate the US through a major crisis on the world level. How does he fare against other current leaders?

Now regarding MSM and social media: what news organizations fall into that category?

The last I heard, govt entities cannot direct private orgs to act as a megaphone and must abide by rules that were set out long ago? Twitter and FB are not govt websites and are not the Presidents personal chyron and neither are the news orgs. That violates the 1st Amendment.

Trump would have won in a landslide IF he had handled the pandemic in a responsible way. But no, he continues to muck it up and blames others for his failings.

So either he is really bad at his job OR he is wrecking things on purpose and applying a scorched earth policy to every govt office and program.


And regarding Giuliani, he is going to be implicated as well. The Counter-Intel folks picked up communications with Russian agents, much like Carter Page was.



And he was a crap mayor. I remember him bussing homeless people during the winter and dropping them off upstate to freeze to death. Or the whole stop and frisk initiative. Mayor Koch is still one of the top mayors who got NY back on its feet. Rudy was doing horribly prior to 9/11, and even then, rode the coattails to national prominence and delusions that he could run for president by interjecting "9/11" into every conversation.


Who ever think Trump is a racist look up democrats history and Joe bidens history. I too will vote in person. That's the only way it should be.


Man, a kicked dog hollers.

You can say Trump is not racist all you want, but it is telling that all racists agree with what he says.

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