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Abigail Spanberger (D), left, and Yesli Vega (R)

The long road will come to an end Tuesday.

Northern and central Virginia residents will hit the polls next week in one of the pivotal races to decide control of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Redistricting moved the 7th District from a swath of central Virginia west of Richmond to Northern Virginia, now consisting of eastern Prince William County, the city of Fredericksburg and all of King George, Stafford, Spotsylvania, Caroline, Culpeper, Orange, Greene and Madison counties, plus about 35 voters in Albemarle County.

Incumbent Democratic Rep. Abigail Spanberger is seeking her third two-year term representing the district, but her first since it shifted north. 

Spanberger is being challenged by Prince William Supervisor Yesli Vega, R-Coles.

Vega, first elected in 2019, is a Prince William sheriff’s deputy and former county police officer. She previously served in the Alexandria and Manassas Park police departments. 

The election has sharply focused on abortion rights since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling over the summer.

The Center for Leadership and Media Studies at the University of Mary Washington conducted a poll of 1,000 Virginians about the top issues on their mind heading into the midterm election. 

A survey by the Center for Leadership and Media Studies at the University of Mary Washington showed that the decision was a major factor for 46% of voters in the district.

The poll also asked what voters considered the country’s most important problem, and 22% said inflation, 19% said the economy and jobs, 15% said threats to democracy, 7% said immigration and 6% said health care.

Vega has supported an abortion ban, while Spanberger has favored laws protecting abortion access.

As the election has neared, the race has grown increasingly personal, with attacks on Vega’s financial past and attempts to tie Spanberger to controversial proposals on transgender students.

Spanberger won both her terms in the 7th District by less than 2 percentage points.

About 35% – a plurality – of the new district’s roughly 585,000 voters are in Prince William.

A poll conducted by RMG Research Inc. over the summer showed Spanberger with 46% to Vega’s 41%. It appears to be the only formal polling for the district.

The University of Virginia’s Center for Politics and Politico rated the 7th District race as leaning Democratic. The Cook Political Report rates the race as a toss-up.

In the 2021 gubernatorial race, Republican Glenn Youngkin carried the district over former Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe by a margin of 13,549 votes. However, the area sided with Democrats in the 2018 U.S. Senate race, 2017 gubernatorial race and 2016 presidential election.

Spanberger has raised over $8 million for her re-election, compared with over $2 million for Vega, according to the Virginia Public Access Project. Outside organizations have funneled over $20 million into the campaign, bringing total ad spending alone to over $25 million. 

Nolan Stout covers Prince William County. Reach him at or @TheNolanStout on Facebook and Twitter.

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(28) comments

Will Williams

John Ditcko is a troll. It's time to clean your room. Mommy is warming the pizza bites for you.

Fake Commenter

Before anyone votes- go buy groceries, fill up your car with fuel ( or pay your utility bills), check your 401k and investment accounts.

Don't forget which party voted for lockdowns, School closures, & wanted you to lose your job because of vacccination status.

Dick Grayson

Last I heard, GOP candidate in NC victim of sniping and Gen Bolduc fended off crazed lefty! Bernie normalized violence when he sanctioned the hit on Scalise! BTW PP and his lover just got a little overheated, the norm in San Fran

Allen Muchnick

Banning abortions in the third trimester jeopardizes the life of the mother. Late-term abortions are not performed as a delayed birth control; they are only done when the pregnancy is seriously compromised and the mother's life is in danger.

Paul Benedict

Really? Who told you that, Dr. Kermit Gosnell?

Many late term abortions are performed around the country for no other reason than convenience.

John Dutko

1) Provide a number. When you find that number, provide a reputable source to back it up.

2) If a woman has carried thru the third trimester, most likely they have picked out a name, had a baby shower, made pre-natal appointments, and normal oby-gyn evaluations.

What kind of f-d up thought process do you have in imagination fairy-land that you ignore modern processes for typical American mothers-to-be?

You are way out in looney-land if you think that it is more a matter of "convenience".

Harry Morant

Flash-Drive-Full-Of-Fraudulent Votes Spamberger, a CIA Spook and Traitor to the US Constitution merely by being a member of the National Socialist American Workers Party, aka The Democrat Party. Say Goodbye, the Red Wave is Coming to Wash the Filth Away!

John Dutko

Name a living Republican role-model that kids can aspire to be like.

Harry Morant

Name a living Democrat that does not condone: sexualizing young children, abnormal sexual behavior, murdering unborn children, or stealing money from people who actually work to earn it to give it to people who don’t.

John Dutko

Barack Obama.

Your Turn.

Harry Morant

BO does condone abortion and stealing other people's money. Try again.

John Dutko


You still haven't named a single Republican. You had ample time to provide one.

You lost the game.

Harry Morant

You can only lose a game if you play, and I do not bend to twisted lefties. We will see who wins on Tuesday!

Mike Hunt

Name on democrat……

John Dutko

Is this the adult version of "I'm Rubber, You're Glue"?

Sadly, the Republican party has morphed into some kind of radicalized, off the wall, conspiracy nutjob.

I looked up to and admired Republicans like Gov Pataki, Gov Whitman, Sen McCain, and the arguments of William F. Buckley.

But Republicans haven't done anything positive for Americans (like the average person) in over 20 years. All the legislation they proposed was to hinder and exploit working class citizens while giving huge financial benefits to the upper class.

But going back to my point: I issued a challenge, one that would be easy. You respond with: No U.

Sounds like you can't even muster up a single candidate that would be a role model. Crazy.

Dick Grayson

Obama, step and fetchin clown

Bonita Cubow

Vega has the intelligence of a garden slug. Regardless of your party affiliation, why on earth would anyone vote for this self-absorbed ignorant woman?? Really people - think about it.

Dick Grayson

Even as the baby is saying “momma don’t kill me” Spanberger is replying “knife it”

Rod McSmith

No abortion for rape or incest will mean twelve year old children being forced to give birth to their fathers baby and women dying from failed pregnancies.

Duke Nukem

Are you talking about MAPs? You know your party is normalizing that kind of behavior, right? Your fear mongering will not come to fruition though...unlike mine. I predicted the state the world is in right now with a democrat victory several years ago...but I did not expect things to fall off a cliff this quickly. I remember it wasn't that long ago that Dutko and Co. were complaining about the price of the good ol'days. We will see how many uneducated and/or privileged people still live inside NOVA.

Fix Prince William

Nukem, you are nutso!

Nothing Emo

That right bud, in schools nowadays children identify as cats n dogs and the schools MUST provide cat litter for them to relieve themselves on. We truly live in a clown world.

John Dutko


You know how I know that isn't true? It would have made national news. There would have been documentation, TikTok videos, something. It's easier to find ISIS beheading videos than what you claim.

John Dutko


Meanwhile your party is normalizing violence against elected officials.

Harry Morant

Well tell those Democrat fathers to stop molesting their children, problem solved!

John Dutko

Highest rates of incest are in Republican controlled states. Clean up your house.

Lynne June

@Duhtko. No, John, both left and right have normalized violence against elected officials, e.g. Scalise, Paul, Zeldin, etc.

John Dutko


The difference is Democrats denounced the attacks (from the examples you provided) while Republicans reveled in them.

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