Granite Marr monument at the Fairfax County Judicial Complex. Photo courtesy Fairfax County

Following a public hearing on Tuesday, Sept. 15, the Board of Supervisors voted to remove three publicly owned Civil War monuments located at the Fairfax County Judicial Complex.

The granite Marr Monument, installed at the courthouse in 1904, is dedicated to Capt. John Marr, the first Confederate soldier killed in combat. On either side of the monument are two howitzers, which were installed in 1910. A Virginia Department of Historic Resources “First Confederate Officer Killed” memorial marker is also located on the courthouse complex grounds. All three will be removed following the board’s action Tuesday.

“In Fairfax County, our diversity is one of our greatest qualities and Confederate monuments don’t reflect our values," said Board of Supervisors Chairman Jeffrey McKay. "We cannot ignore what these monuments mean for our residents. Symbols matter. I was glad to vote to change course and remove divisive celebratory monuments and chart a more positive path forward.”

Legislation passed by the Virginia General Assembly during the 2020 session gave Virginia localities broader authority over war memorials and monuments. Previously, cities and counties were not permitted to modify or remove them. Virginia is home to more than 220 public memorials to the Confederacy.

The Marr monument, howitzers and their carriages will be removed to a county storage facility. According to the Virginia Code amendments, the county must offer such monuments or memorials for relocation and placement to any museum, historical society, government or military battlefield for a period of 30 days.

After the 30-day period has expired, the Board has the sole authority to determine the final disposition of all publicly owned monuments or memorials.


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This is something that should be moved to a museum dedicated to the history of the Democrat party.


Yes! We need to educate people on the history of the Southern Democrats and their ties to the Confederacy! People should start here:

Let's get a conversation going about it. Give a whole timeline and review the policies proposed. It sounds like fun.


Don't forget your wikipedia link to the southern strategy! The party of race class and gender is still the democrat party Mr. Bean. Your friends in Michigan are still pushing segregation. It's amazing how the party responsible for most of the history the left hates is the democrat party and then they try to put it on the party that freed the's so easy being a democrat


How could I forget my wiki link on the Southern Strategy!

How bout a dumbed-down explanation for those that cant read:

What I love about Republicans is how they just fail at everything:

States with the highest poverty rates: 1) Mississippi, 2) New Mexico, 3) Louisiana, 4) West Virginia and 5) Alabama. What do all those states have in common? All except New Mexico are solidly Republican and delivered their electoral votes to Trump. Three of the five are controlled by Republican governors.

The least educated states: 1) Mississippi, 2) West Virginia, 3) Louisiana, 4) Arkansas and 5) Alabama. All Trump states, and all but one controlled by Republican governors.

States with the most violent crime per 100,000 residents: 1) Alaska, 2) New Mexico, 3) Tennessee, 4) Arkansas and 5) Nevada. Three of the five are Trump states governed by Republicans.

States most dependent on federal handouts (the "taker" states): 1) Nevada New Mexico, 2) Kentucky, 3) Mississippi, 4) West Virginia and 5) Montana. Are you catching the pattern here? Trump carried four out of five in 2016, and three have Republican governors.

Yes... Gotta love this guy: “We won with young. We won with old. We won with highly educated. We won with poorly educated. I love the poorly educated.”


I keep hearing this question, when has America been great? Well the answer to that question, besides the founding, declaration of independence, bill of rights, etc...The answer is whenever the democrat party was defeated. Just think about it. Confederates/democrats defeated in the civil war, democrat party jim crow laws being defeated, women finally getting the vote , a republican pulling us out of the democrats Vietnam war, FDR finally passing away after breaking the tradition of 2 term presidents, the president who put Japanese in interment camps, Reagan beating Carter, the Klan becoming irrelevant. I mean that last known Klan member in congress was a democrat who Biden and Obama praised, right? I could go on, but the greatest most recent day was election night 2016 when Trump beat great watching the media meltdown and it could only be topped by a 2020 victory.


Thank you again for endorsing the FDRs policies, something that modern Republicans want to get rid of. And supporting the Voting Rights Act, something Republicans want to get rid of. Nixon though...he kept the US in the fight unnecessarily. Republican states still commit voter suppression. At least Senator Robert Byrd changed his attitude toward blacks, unlike Senator Strom Thurmond.

It is a bit weird that you brought up FDR and term limits. Now address why it is wrong for Trump to go against Constitutional amendments for a third term.

Modern Republicans have an identity crisis and just cant deal with history.


FDR had Japanese-American citizens rounded up and placed into concentration camps. Not much of a hero if you ask me.


Yes, it is important for Americans to acknowledge what happened with the Japanese internment camps and the Supreme Court Case Korematsu v United States (which is up there in terms of infamy alongside Dred Scott). And that was justified in the name of national security. Kinda in the same vein as the Muslim ban initiated by Trump or rounding up immigrants and putting them into concentration camps. What are your thoughts?

Does the Constitution apply to only citizens or to everyone?


Like many, if not most of today's Democrats, FDR was a vile racist. Name one prominant Republican that wants to repeal the Voting Rights Act. Everything you right is BS.


Hi Soily!

Tell me about the supreme court case Shelby V Holder, what Republican states did immediately after, and how Republicans leverage closing polling places in certain voting districts to manipulate and discourage voting.

Antonin Scalia, in his abstract did a "reverse affirmative action" by asserting that the Voting Rights Act of 1965 unfairly helped blacks:

"Now, I don’t think that’s attributable to the fact that it is so much clearer now that we need this. I think it is attributable, very likely attributable, to a phenomenon that is called perpetuation of racial entitlement. It’s been written about. Whenever a society adopts racial entitlements, it is very difficult to get out of them through the normal political processes."

He then goes on that the VRA was a racial entitlement:

"I don’t think there is anything to be gained by any Senator to vote against continuation of this act. And I am fairly confident it will be reënacted in perpetuity unless — unless a court can say it does not comport with the Constitution. You have to show, when you are treating different States differently, that there’s a good reason for it. That’s the— that’s the concern that those of us who — who have some questions about this statute have. It’s — it’s a concern that this is not the kind of a question you can leave to Congress. There are certain districts in the House that are black districts by law just about now. And even the Virginia Senators, they have no interest in voting against this. The State government is not their government, and they are going to lose — they are going to lose votes if they do not reenact the Voting Rights Act."

Have you ever wondered why Republican states gatekeep voting? Or how they force polls to close while people wait over 4 hours in line? Or require photo ID or institute polling taxes? Or purging Voter rolls.

Those reasons are why voting by mail is being attacked so harshly-- it bypasses all of the roadblocks that Republicans historically set up to hinder people from voting.

I am glad I live in Virginia. Early voting takes place at your local satellite station Saturday, Sept 19. Super easy, no lines, 5 min.

"Write" not "Right"


Forgot a really in-depth look at Chief Justice Roberts and his "boiling the frog" of the Voting Rights Act:

PWC resident since '69

Diverse thought and differing opinions don’t ever matter to those who only see and understand diversity as a color wheel!


Hmmm. Just like the Taliban.


sad just sad Jeffrey McKay waste of time and money just to throw history out the window and belive me it wont change a thing


As long as we are throwing lists out there, might as well mention all of the cities that are allowing unrestrained burning, rioting and looting are run by "progressive" mayors.


The pandemic proves that the outrage that followed 9/11 wasnt about the amount of lives lost, but about property damage.


Diversity was the most improper word this guy used.


Can't these supervisors get us back to normal? Seems like the first death of a Confederate soldier in a war to end slavery is a thing to be celebrated. How many more non topics can our politicians hide behind?

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