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Fairfax County police say they have identified a body found in a grave at North Hill Park last month as a juvenile, and confirmed the cause of death as homicide.

The body was discovered the morning of May 23 in a wooded area of the Hybla Valley area park.

Due to Virginia privacy laws, the victim's name is not being released.

Fairfax police say detectives "developed information that led to the discovery ... of what appeared to be freshly disturbed soil." Crime scene detectives eventually uncovered the remains in a grave at the site.

Preliminary indications are that the case is gang-related and an isolated incident.


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This is a glimpse of what is going to come to Prince William County next year after the Democrats take power and turn the county in a sanctuary county and invite every MS-13 gangbanger from the DMV into our neighborhood and schools.


Buggy is starting to sound like the equally annoying "Brad" and his useless "culture of violence" rants with his predictable inane rantings about the impending zombie apocalypse coming to our neighborhoods. [scared] [yawn] [sleeping]


Bugs is just being the typical Trumpian conservative, living in fear and spouting nonsense against all non-white people. Figures he would comment here but not in this story about a white racist murdering an innocent minority.



I'm not sure how you know Mr. Green is a racist, unless you know him personally. In his mugshot he does look like a low-life scum ball drug dealer, but the guy didn't try to get away and apparently cooperated with cops. Also, while he certainly didn't deserve to be murdered, the victim was no angel.




As soon as the Democrats come out publicly stating that they are not going to turn PWC into a sanctuary county I'll stop posting the dangerous truths of illegal alien sanctuaries.

But, we all know full and well that the very first thing that the Democrats are going to do once they take power is to stop working with ICE and roll out the welcome mat to every illegal alien they can.

The county won't be able to handle the influx of illegals and our schools and jails will be flooded with MS-13 gangbangers and our neighborhoods will become infested with single family homes turned into bordering houses with front yards full of white construction vans.

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