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A father and son were killed Tuesday evening in a two-vehicle crash in Stafford County.

Deputies were called to the area of White Oak and Belle Plains roads just after 7 p.m. for the wreck involving a 2005 Dodge Ram and a 1979 Ford Mustang, the Stafford County Sheriff's Office said in a news release.

The 19-year-old passenger of the Mustang, Raymond Morgan III, of Stafford, was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver, 42-year-old Raymond Morgan Jr., of Stafford, was taken to Mary Washington Hospital, where he died of his injuries, the release said.

"The preliminary investigation, along with crash scene evidence, indicated that the Mustang was traveling at a high rate of speed on Belle Plains Road, and unfortunately lost control," the release said.

The Mustang swerved into oncoming traffic on White Oak Road, resulting in the crash. Neither the driver or the passenger of the Mustang were wearing a seat belt. The driver and sole occupant of the Ram was transported to Mary Washington Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

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Brohan Dude

people that comment on this website on particular or any kind of news article takes pride in the ignorance they type from their keyboards. Do you all ever read what you type?

Lynne June

Do you ever read what you type? Capitalize “people,” replace “on” with “in,” and use “take” instead of “takes” for subject-verb agreement.

People have different opinions. In an open forum, we can judge them, or not. Not everyone on this forum is educated and, more importantly, not everyone on this forum is wise. They still get to express their opinions. RIP to the dead. Sympathy for the family.

Paul Benedict

It is possible to have sympathy even when somebody does something stupid. Perhaps you have no sympathy for every person who ever died of an overdose? Or maybe you have no sympathy for all the pedestrians who cross Highway 1 or Sudley Road between crosswalks and get struck and killed by a car? Do you have sympathy for women who get in a car with somebody they just met at a bar and get raped? People do stupid stuff all the time. You may have even done something stupid a time or two yourself. When somebody dies because of something stupid they did you can still be sympathetic. They are dead and their family is grieving even if they were stupid. I do agree that it is fortunate somebody in the oncoming lane was not killed.

John Dutko

Now exhibit sympathy for all the trans and minorities you constantly rail against and vilify.

Paul Benedict

Oh please. What a ridiculous comment. I have never "railed" against minorities, not once. I do get upset with the liberal mindset that thinks Black people are too stupid to follow the same rules as other folks and that we need to look the other way when Black kids commit crimes. In Maryland they want to make murders committed by those under 25 to not be felonies. Most murders in Maryland are committed by young black men and teenagers. (http://goccp.maryland.gov/crime-statistics/) If young men were actually punished for crimes, maybe they would end up getting their act together and have meaningful and successful lives.

In regards to trans people I feel sorry for their mental illness. I don't support them forcing their sickness on normal kids in our schools.

Your kind have made America much worse. Violence and hate thrive wherever liberals are in charge.

John Dutko

Dude, your whole comment is evidence of what I am talking about.

Seriously, take some time and read what you write before hitting "Post Comment".

You never show remorse for what you post and always double-down. That shows a lack of emotional growth and inability to adapt.

We have been going back and forth for about 4 years and you have never admitted being wrong, even in the face of evidence contrary to your point. And when that evidence is overwhelming and damning, you ignore and move on, never learning and growing as a person.

You and your kind will not be missed when you pass from this world. There will be audible "good riddance" heard because of the hate that you cultivated throughout your collective lives.

I wish you would change. Stress kills and hate ages.

Bonita Cubow

Sad, but honestly? No sympathy here. Adult driving at a high rate of speed with his son in the car & not wearing seatbelts? Morons. They're lucky that the poor soul they crashed into didn't die as well.

Joel Swensen

Shocker. Men know not to ever expect sympathy from women so don't feel too proud of yourself. Not wearing seatbelts is dumb but this tragic.

Doogle McBernstein

tasteless comment Bon Bon

Youngkinz Constituent

She's just being direct. It is very sad that a father and a son died in a tragic car accident. But what she is really saying is that seatbelts save lives. Mind you, they were driving in an antique vehicle,.and if they were going for a joy-ride which it sounded like, all the more reason to buckle-up.

Some people will show sympathy for the accident, and some won't. That's the way it goes, all around it's still sad no matter how you break it down.

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