Voters in Warrenton

Kids joined a voter at the Warrenton Community Center during Tuesday's election.

The results of the race for Warrenton mayor will likely not be known until Nov. 14 due to dozens of “late-arriving” absentee ballots that were postmarked on or before Election Day, according to Alex Ables, the Fauquier County registrar.

Additionally, as of Thursday, Ables said he estimates there are 54 provisional ballots for the town of Warrenton that still need to be counted by the Central Absentee Precinct.

Ables said it is difficult to know exactly how many absentee ballots will have met the Election Day mailing deadline until Monday at noon.

“I don't have any projection as to how many might meet the deadline,” he said.

Ables said that normally absentee ballots would be determined by noon on Friday. However, because Friday is a government holiday – Veterans Day – the deadline has been moved to the next business day.

According to the Virginia Department of Elections, a provisional ballot is provided to people whose eligibility to vote is in question.

Provisional ballots are handled separately and never mixed with regular ballots. The electoral board reviews provisional ballots the day after Election Day, and the process must be concluded within seven days.

Currently, the race for mayor of Warrenton and Remington is neck-and-neck, with incumbent mayors Carter Nevill and William Polk holding slight advantages.

In Warrenton, the incumbent Nevill currently has 2,050 votes, and challenger Renard Carlos has 2,032 votes. There were 31 write-ins.

In Remington, Polk currently has 105 votes, and his opponent Devada Allison has 101 votes. There are six outstanding provisional ballots for the town of Remington.

Nevill told FauquierNow he was “pleased to see such strong and passionate voter turnout on Tuesday.”

“Such active, enthusiastic electoral participation is a testament to our community's values and involvement,” he said. “Our election officials are some of the best and most dedicated in the commonwealth, and I am thankful for and confident in the work they are doing to certify the results.”

Carlos urged residents to use this time waiting for results to do some "self-reflection on the issues that were discussed" and talk to others with "different perspectives."

"It will be all of our jobs to continue advocating for the issues we feel passionately about moving into the future," he told FauquierNow."However, we also should remember it is the sense of community and camaraderie that makes the town of Warrenton the best town in the Commonwealth of Virginia to live in. We should work hard to preserve and maintain this sense of community."

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