If you saw a double-decker bus high over Tysons on Tuesday, you weren't imagining things.  The bus was one of three food trucks that were hoisted by cranes 11 stories in the air to be placed on The Perch, the 2.5-acre sky park that is part of Capital One Center.  When it opens in the spring, the second phase of The Perch will include an 18-hole putt putt course (Perch Putt) as well as the food trucks. The first phase of the Perch opened earlier this year, anchored by Starr Hill Biergarten, connected to The Watermark Hotel and sitting on the roof of Capital One Hall

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dana walls

i see that there were so many other people ripped off by CAPITAL ONE that now they can build a HUGE building in tysons corner and even put things on top of it that are just crazy,,why aren't they building some thing more for the people like a HUGE HOMELESS BUILDING WITH A HEALTH CLINIC FOR THE PEOPLE?? OR JUST HOUSING FOR THE PEOPLE WHO AREN'T GETTING PAID ENOUGH FOR THERE WORK. SO THEY LIVE IN THERE CARS OR ON A FRIENDS COUCH ?? THIS BUILDING IS STUPID ..with all that has happened in the past 2 years more people are staying home 2 work which means there are lots of place the county could make for homeless people. WILL THEY GET ANY HELP FROM THE RICH....NOWAY.. CAPITAL ONE GETS TO WRITE OFF MOST OF THIS BUILDING IN A LOSS FOR TAXES IF YOU CAN AFFORD TO RENT A SPACE,,WHY WOULD YOU??

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