A historic lighthouse in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay can be all yours. The 1902 Hooper Island Light Station in Maryland is being auctioned by the General Services Administration with the required starting bid at $15,000. All bids must be submitted by Sept. 21 at 12:03 p.m. Click here for more details.

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Bonita Cubow

What a crying shame that it wasn't even minimally kept up over the years. That foundational crack alone is scary, & the fact that one isn't even allowed to inspect it in person except from the outside due to safety concerns tends to make me think that they are not going to get any bidders.

Paul Blumstein

A lighthouse is one thirds the calories of a regular house :-)

Alexander Cadiz

Thanks John, I was thinking the same thing. $15K seems like a cheap opening bid until you realize you’ve spent $15K for something that is in terrible shape and sits in a Navy danger area.

John Fleming

No doubt, Lighthouses are cool and fun to photograph, visit, and even fantasize about owning one. The Hooper Light is in a gorgeous spot to boot. Fished around that shoal since I was a kid. Many great memories from that area. Would I like to own it. Not a chance. Most of the Chesapeake lights with a few exceptions have been allowed to age with no maintenance the last 75 years. If the federal, state, county governments, preservationists, and salvagers arent interested that says an awful lot in my opinion. Several of these lighthouses off land in the Bay have been purchased by private individuals and have gone back on the market in a few years. One was turned into a BnB and was for sale a few summers ago. Not sure if it ever sold. Not for me.

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