Kevin Davis

The Fairfax Board of Supervisors on Friday announced that Kevin Davis, former Police Commissioner of the Baltimore Police Department, has been hired as the as the new county police chief.

The decision follows an extensive outreach process, in which the firm charged with conducting the nationwide search, held over 275 community meetings and calls, sent over 450 emails to stakeholders, and conducted a survey which received over 3,000 responses, the county said in a news release. Results of the survey were provided to the board and were strongly weighed in the final hiring decision.

“Kevin Davis will bring a renewed commitment to data transparency, eliminating disparities in use of force, and other common-sense reforms to our police department,” Rodney Lusk, Lee District Supervisor and Chair of the Public Safety Committee, said in the news release. 

“As this nation looks to transform policing to make the community safer for everyone, we have the opportunity for a fresh perspective to further our work on police reform in Fairfax County. After extensive outreach with the community and stakeholders, the Board had a clear idea of the characteristics and leadership styles that would be needed in our next Chief,”

Jeffrey C. McKay, Chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, said Davis stool out as the person to work on police reform, build on community involvement and improve morale within the police department.

"He is recognized across the region as a leader in police reform and has a strong reputation and is well-respected in the communities he has served," McKay said.  

Chief Davis will begin in this position on May 3.


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Josie Wales

Board of Supervisors,

Hello Kevin,

We noticed that during your watch, Baltimore's crime violent crime rate went through the roof and police staffing dropped to historic low levels, Would it be possible for you do repeat that here is Fairfax? if so we would love to have you join our team.

Sincerely, Fairfax BoS.

Linda Davis

Reform the police dept..........yeah that will bring up the police morale and stop the flight.

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