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A former Prince William County police lieutenant has been charged with computer invasion of privacy after an audit revealed unauthorized use of a law-enforcement database to access citizens' personal information.

William Martin Burke, 43 and a 17-year veteran of the police department, was arrested Monday following a five-month investigation, police said in a news release.

"The accused is alleged to have accessed personal, identifiable information of citizens using a law enforcement database, LInX-Law Enforcement Information Exchange, for unauthorized purposes," Prince William police Sgt. Jonathan Perok said in the release.

An investigation began in February following the discovery of inappropriate use of the database during a routine annual internal audit.

Once the suspected violations were discovered, an administrative and criminal investigation into the matter were launched by the Police Department’s Office of Professional Standards and Criminal Investigations Division.

Police did not say exactly what personal information was breached, deferring to the prosecutor in the case. However, it doesn't appear the information obtained during the searches was used in a fraudulent way, Perok said.

 In April 2019, Burke "separated employment" from the police department after 17 years, the news release said.

The case was handled by a special prosecutor from Fauquier County and Burke was charged Monday with five counts of computer invasion of privacy, a misdemeanor.

Burke, of Goshen Court in Manassas, was released on his own recognizance and has a Sept. 5 court date.


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Damn. I know this man and worked with him. I don't know what happened here and if he's guilty then he should have been arrested. But he was a good officer for many years and this is sad to hear.


A great man and a great officer. Like Bigfoot, I too had the pleasure of working with this man. I am familiar with ""routine audits", if he misused the systems, then yes he should be held accountable. The truth will unfold through the process and whatever the outcome, I hope it's fair and balanced.


Law enforcement is not supposed to be pulling names without cause. The thing is, they do it anyways. The fact they found this one guy doing something which has become routine bad practice in law enforcement doesn't change anything. From what we know he wasn't stalking anyone or selling the database to some organized crime group, so nothing particularly juicy in this story.

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