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Michele White

Former Prince William County Registrar Michele White has been indicted by a grand jury for corruption.

Attorney General Jason Miyares announced Wednesday that a local grand jury indicted White.

She is charged with corrupt conduct as an election official and willful neglect of duty as an election official between Aug. 1 and Dec. 31, 2020, and with making a false statement by an election official between Nov. 3 and Nov. 10, 2020.

In a statement Wednesday, the county Registrar’s Office said White’s conduct did not impact the outcome of any election, but did not comment on any specific allegations.

White held the post from February 2015 until her resignation in April 2021.  Current Registrar Eric Olsen assumed the role Nov. 8.

White resigned after an emergency meeting of the Electoral Board to discuss her tenure, according to the Prince William Times.

White was indicted Tuesday and had a hearing in Prince William Circuit Court Wednesday morning. It is unclear what occurred during the hearing.

No other court dates have been scheduled.

The grand jury indictments only listed the crimes with which White is charged and do not provide additional information on the case.

The Registrar’s Office statement said Olsen reported “these discrepancies to the Commissioner of Elections and State Board of Elections earlier this year that led to this investigation by the Attorney General of Virginia.”

“In 2022, the Electoral Board and new Director of Elections have built an entirely new leadership team that is dedicated to fair and accurate elections,” the statement says. “Many improvements and best practices have been adopted to ensure a safe and transparent voting experience for the voters of Prince William County.”

Miyares’ announcement cited the three sections of state law under which White was charged, but they provide little detail about the specific crimes with which she is accused. 

Two of the sections say any officer “on whom any duty is enjoined by law relative to any election, is guilty of willful neglect of his duty, he shall be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.” That section provides for a misdemeanor if the conduct is “in the execution of his duty.”

The only other section cited refers to “Any willfully false material statement or entry made by any person in any statement, form, or report required … shall constitute the crime of election fraud.”

Miyares’ Office said it would not provide further comment on the cases.

Nolan Stout covers Prince William County. Reach him at nstout@insidenova.com or @TheNolanStout on Facebook and Twitter.

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Change Craford

These Trump deplorables won't comment on Trump having highly classified information, but want to eat others up. Remember, these same folks that post on here were chanting "lock her up" all day and everyday. You know he is compromised and should have NEVER had the classified files. You ignorant to true facts deplorables better wake up, because America hates spies and traitors, especially the ones like yourself that wear patriotic shirts and waive American flags supporting Trump when he hates America like you folks do. Hypocrites = fake Americans like you folks are.

George Lawton

I'd suggest a class for you in English grammar and pronunciation. If that doesn't work you may want to look into self-deportation.

Cornelius Papadoupolos

I had to shield my face from my monitor, I could literally imagine the spittle emanating as you typed Mr. Craford. Calm down...breathe. Seek help at your local mental health facility.

Harry Morant

Compromised? Seriously? Like the Biden Crime Family who are bought and paid for by the Communist Chinese? And Hunter's $80K a month for a no show job in the energy sector of Ukraine, a position for which he has absolutely NO education, training, or experience? But he does have influence over his daddy, who has decades of lying and deceit as a public "servant" under his belt. Craturd, you are too ignorant to even know what ignorant means. Pfsst.

Tom Manson

Trump's legacy will be one of corruption, ineptitude and incompetence. Biden was the best choice over Trump, but was never the best choice himself. I'm not surprised we have so few competent candidates running for high office, with the current climate of continuous hate and misinformation. Where is the reasonable moderate choice? Most of us don't want the radical left or right. But the loudest voices come from the fringe, and distract us all.

Duke Nukem

Tom, there is no moderate left anymore. Liberals aren't liberal, they are the left. The sooner you realize this the better for the country.

Tom Manson

@Duke and MAGA aren't conservatives, they are the fringe. The GOP was once my party, and the party of many friends. We all abandoned them under MAGA Trump. I only hope the right can fix themselves.

The core left has actually moved right. There is plenty of study on this.if you care to look. The right has moved right. They also tend to project and demonize what they really are. The right has become authoritarian and fascist, yet spends it's time calling the left these things. The hypocrisy of most politicians is astounding, but the right has taken the cake and eaten it.

Bring sanity and moderation back. Stop extremists everywhere.

Duke Nukem

The FBI sure works closely with the Democrat party don't ya think?

Cornelius Papadoupolos

Why is that when anyone asks for voter integrity and the elimination of election fraud, the liberals lose their minds. "Trumpie, trumpster, trumpety trump trump trump!" SMH

George Lawton

That’s a good start Jason, now let’s pivot to Fairfax County where the fraud is and everyone knows it. VA never had been some liberal state, just look at the map, red as far as the eye can see.

Tom Manson

Fairfax has been blue for a long time, as has most of NoVA. Everyone doesn't know it George, because everyone has been looking and it hasn't been found.

Will be curious to see what fraud she committed and how it 'didnt affect election results'

Wayne D.

Fraud could have been committed and it had no bearing on an election so don't go spreading conspiracy theories like a Trumper would. If she committed fraud then she needs to face the music.

Faith Myrvold

It COULD have been committed with no bearing on the results but given her position, it COULD have impacted the results. TRANSPARENCY NOW. Why are liberals so afraid of transparency?

Mike Geffert

A Trump supporter is nothing like a Bidet' supporter and yes start holding people to their crimes

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