COVID-19 outbreaks are being reported at four schools in the Northern Virginia area, according to the latest update from the Virginia Department of Health. 

The health department began providing details on outbreaks at K-12 schools in October, but previously had not reported any current outbreaks in Northern Virginia.  

However, the report is updated every Friday, and this week's report includes the following outbreaks:

  • W.T. Woodson High School in Fairfax County: Five positive cases, reported to the health department on Nov. 12.
  • Highland School, a private school in Fauquier County: Six cases, reported Oct. 29.
  • Virginia Academy, a private school in Loudoun County: Six cases, reported Nov. 7.
  • Rivermont School in Stafford County, a private school for students with emotional, behavioral, learning and developmental difficulties: Seven cases, reported Nov. 12.

In all, the health department is reporting 19 outbreaks at K-12 schools across the state. An outbreak means two or more cases have occurred and that transmission of the virus has occurred within the school facility or at a school-sponsored event among students, faculty, staff, or visitors.

Fairfax County schools have not reopened to students, but the county school system said the outbreak at Woodson was among staff members. 

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(5) comments


Who could have ever seen this coming? I am completely shocked.

The number of people who’ve commented “private schools have been open Monday-Friday and they’ve been no cases.” Wow!!!!

PWC resident since '69

People do get colds, flu, strep wow. Panic time


Drug companies are probably a good longterm buy at this point with all these kids going to grow up with anxiety problems thanks to the left


When you report this information can you be specific as to whom has the virus...the adults or the children? If it's the adults, send them home to quarantine and let everyone else continue their education.

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