Gar-Field High School on Wednesday announced its new mascot moniker: the Red Wolves.

Earlier this year, the Woodbridge school announced it would retire its Indians mascot and select a new one for the coming school year.

"After completing an input process that involved a selection committee including students, staff, and alumni and a community preference survey, Gar-Field High School is very excited to announce our new mascot: the Red Wolves!" the school said in a Facebook announcement.

A logo design process is underway and the school plans to hold a launch event later this summer.

Upon completion of the official design, GFHS will hold a launch event later this summer.

Gar-Field, located on Smoketown Road outside Dale City, opened in 1953 as the successor to Occoquan District High School. At that time, the school adopted the Indians mascot as well, which had been used by Occoquan. 

"It is important to note that the intent of Gar-Field High School has never been to disrespect or disparage Native Americans or their cultures," Principal Matthew Mathison wrote to the school community earlier this year.

Costs of the mascot change will be covered by Prince William County Public Schools, Mathison said. 


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Terry Twomey

Perhaps the students will take an interest in the preservation of red wolves.


sounds more racist than indian

Paul Benedict

Red Wolves? Really? Isn't that racist?

Red wolves were native to Virginia, and are believed to be a cross between coyotes and gray wolves. Hopefully, they can someday be reintroduced into Prince William County. They might help with the deer problem and all the stray cats and dogs.

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