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A 16-year-old girl was injured in a drive-by shooting Wednesday evening in Dumfries.

The victim was outside with friends when an unknown vehicle drove up near them and a passenger fired multiple shots toward the group, said Prince William County police spokeswoman Renee Carr.

The car then left in an unknown direction.

The victim suffered minor injuries and was taken to an area hospital. Property damage was also reported in the area, Carr said.

No arrests have been made but the incident does not appear to be random at this time, Carr said.

The investigation continues.


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"Where do you live?"
"Dumfries, Va"
"God give you strength."

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The last time I checked it was white people shooting up schools and dont get me started on Republicans and their love for guns or why all these guns made by white people happen to be in the hand of idiot's

KK33p 1T 100

insidebuggin did the drive by they dumb ass fails to to realize that in order to m.a.g.a u need diversity like what this country was built on. White folk can’t do nothing but steal n lock up others by themselves 💯💯💯


What language are you attempting to speak?

Wynot PW Co resident

Y'all are a bunch of racists! This article didn't say a word about the girls race nor did it say anything about the shooters race. But what it did say, is that a 16yr old girl was hurt and there was property damage. That's the facts of the story.
I live in the exact area this happened, (1900 block Fort Monroe Ct)and all involved were Black. That is fact. So y'all need to stop blaming the white man and the President.

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Wynot PW Co resident

Ain't that the truth


The culture of violence continues....

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white folks just love to assume races and point fingers. it has nothing to do with political parties anymore. yall just straight racist. dont beat around the bush

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