empty shelves

Empty store shelves

What stores have toilet paper? How about eggs and bleach? Does anyone have extra diapers or disinfectant? Who can deliver supplies to an elderly or immunocompromised neighbor?

Navigating everyday life in the coronavirus outbreak is difficult. Schools are closed, store shelves depleted and those in need of help or supplies don't know where to turn.

That's where George Mason University seniors Rachel Picon and Maricza Hinnah come in.

The two created a Facebook group called Northern Va COVID-19 Craziness Supply Exchange, a clearinghouse of sorts for finding and helping in these strange times. And it took off. As of late Monday, the group had more than 4,000 members. 

Picon, who lives in Woodbridge, and Hinnah, who lives on Fort Belvoir, are both graduating this year with bachelor of social work degrees.

The two had the idea to start a group "so people can share what they need, if they have any extras for trade or exchange or sale at COST no price gouging," Picon said.

It's also a place where someone in need, say an immunocompromised person unable to leave home, can post and get help.

"I just really hate when I see everyone so worried about what's going on, we forget to worry about each other, and sometimes when we help others, it relieves our own anxiety and makes us feel we are making a difference," Picon said.

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