Glen Hill was first elected sheriff in 2003

Final ballots were counted Wednesday in the Prince William County sheriff's race, and Republican incumbent Glen Hill appears to have eked out a victory over Democratic challenger Joshua King.

With all precincts reporting, Hill, seeking his fifth term, had 56,242 votes, or 45.3%, giving him a 775-vote lead over King, who had 55,483 votes, or 44.6%. Independent candidate Rhonda Dickson received 12,414 votes,or 10%.

All results are unofficial until certified by the State Board of Elections later this week or early next week.

The sheriff represents Prince William County as well as the cities of Manassas and Manassas Park and all the towns in the county.  The sheriff ’s office provides security at the county’s courthouse, transports prisoners and patients and serves civil paperwork, including subpoenas and eviction notices. The office has over 100 employees.

Hill was first elected sheriff in 2003. The Army veteran has more than five decades of experience in law enforcement in the county and Manassas.

King is a deputy sheriff in Fairfax County, a general law enforcement instructor and also an Army veteran. He ran in the Democratic primary for Virginia delegate representing the 2nd House District in 2017 and narrowly lost his bid for the same seat in the general election in 2015.

Dickson’s law enforcement experience includes working for Prince William County Police Department and the county’s sheriff’s office. She is an Air Force veteran and previously served in the Air National Guard.

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Major respect to Josh King, three close elections first the HD-2 general in 2015,then the primary in 2017(lost this one by 12 votes) and now the Sheriff's race where he was within one percent of winning.

Allen Muchnick

Sheriff Hill's margin of victory came entirely from the City of Manassas, where he solidly carried every precinct except one (Dean). Interestingly, Democratic candidates handily won all five other races within the City of Manassas.

Evidently, many voters in the City of Manassas split their tickets to vote for Sheriff Hill, showing that the incumbent has strong ties to many Manassas residents of all political stripes.

Josh King will eventually be elected if he continues to run for office. Don't give up, Josh!

Pershing 1a

Thank god for small miracles. King would have been a disaster for Prince William Sherrif's Department.




great, the 287-g program works. if king were elected, we would be overrun with illegals



John Brown

Absolutely right!


We are overrun. The county needs to be swept by ICE.

Jack Print

Congratulations, Sheriff Hill! Delighted to hear you'll stay in office!

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