White's Ferry.

The historic White’s Ferry, in service for more than 230 years, has ceased operations following a court ruling that no public landing exists on the Loudoun County side of the Potomac River.

The ferry has been in operation since roughly 1786, moving travelers from just north of Leesburg to Poolesville, Maryland.

In a statement on Monday morning, White's Ferry announced the closure, effective immediately.

"The Circuit Court of Loudoun County, Virginia has ruled, in the case of Rockland Farm, LLC, et al. v. White’s Ferry, Inc., that no public landing exists on the Virginia shoreline at White’s Ferry Road and the ferry is prohibited from landing at that location in Virginia," the statement said. "As of the date of this press release Loudoun County, Virginia has declined to establish a public landing at that location.”

The owners of the land where the ferry docked in Virginia, known as Rockland, have complained that White’s Ferry was unlawfully occupying its land, WTOP.com reports. White’s Ferry argued for its right to use the landing due to having customers and business operations on that side of the river for over two centuries.

The case had been postponed and delayed and dismissed throughout the years before the most recent decision, written by Judge Steven E. Sincavage on Nov. 28.

"The judge found that the ferry operators have been trespassing on the Virginia land since a licensing agreement ended in 2004. The judge considered a number of arguments about the right to public use of the land in Virginia, going back to a case in 1871," WTOP.com wrote.

The judge issued an injunction to stop the ferry from docking and awarded Rockland financial damages of just over $100,000 plus interest due to damage to, and the unauthorized use of, the Virginia property, the radio station reported.

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This decision impacts commuters, recreational users and landowners on both sides of the Potomac. It will be very interesting to see what happens next.

I think the Commonwealth would be smart to intervene on behalf of White's Ferry, for the economic and ecological benefits it provides.

If not, I'm really pissed I can't use the ferry to get to Poolesville from Leesburg. Ugh!

Martin Geter



cant believe they have nuttin better to in these hard times than pick on something so small to complain about.. why not change some of the dumb laws we have on the books..why is it now you want to change HISTORY , SO MUCH??.

Paul Benedict

Good decision. Use a bridge if you want to to Virginia.

Agreed. A gross miscarriage of justice. It ought to be appealed.

Lance Livestrong

"Miscarriage" of justice?

Greener Arlington, eh?

Good luck with that!


Lance Livestrong

So whats your counter/appeal,

Emienent domain?

Henry Howell

Another GOP activist judge.


Ah a little taste of your own medicine eh?

Henry Howell

GOP still controls the courts because of decades of state legislative control in which Virginia. Anyhow, shutting down a public ferry in the 25 mile stretch between I-495 and I-15 is a travesty. When GOP complains about DEM judicial so-called activism, it's usually when they ensure people's human rights like the right to marry who the hell you want and not have the government up your nose.


Maybe you should actually go look up the history of whites ferry and that farm. Then you’d see that whites ferry totally failed on their part and didnt abide by the agreement and haven’t actually paid the farm anything in a number of years. But I get your point, private property and failing to uphold your part of an agreement means nothing. Those activist judges are jerks.

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