Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Chief John Butler received the COVID-19 vaccine on Dec. 27, 2020.  

Inova Health is canceling all first-dose appointments for the COVID-19 vaccine, effective Tuesday.

The hospital system says its vaccine supply had been "severely diminished" after a switch in the state's distribution method.

"Vaccinating everyone in the Northern Virginia community, as quickly as possible, is Inova’s top priority right now," the hospital said in a statement. "Last week, in response to a national shortage of the COVID-19 vaccine, the Virginia Department of Health made a modification to their vaccine distribution methods and announced that going forward, vaccines will be sent directly to health districts to be allocated appropriately.

"As a result, Inova’s allocation of vaccine has been severely diminished, causing us to make the difficult decision to prioritize the available doses."

Those who received a first dose from Inova and are scheduled for a second dose appointment will be prioritized at this time and their appointments will be honored.

"We understand and share the frustration that this news brings to our patients," the statement said. "When we receive more supply inventory, we will first prioritize patients who had an appointment scheduled and then focus on opening further appointments up to eligible groups. If you are a patient whose appointment is cancelled, rest assured we are working diligently to identify new supply and will reach out to reschedule your appointment as soon as we are confident we have a vaccine for you."

In the last month, Inova quickly established operations and administered more than 70,000 vaccines.


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Hospice Nurse Jill Biden

Just another day in Joe Biden's America[yawn]

John Dutko

Just another day in America.

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