InsideNoVa is adopting a new subscription policy in which frequent users who do not subscribe to one of the company’s print newspapers will be asked to pay a small monthly fee.

The new policy, which goes into effect Monday, Dec. 1, applies only to users who access more than 15 unique articles on the site per month. Obituaries, classified ads, event listings and certain other pieces of content on the site are not included in that count.

The subscription fee is $4.99 a month. Paying subscribers to Prince William Today, Leesburg Today or one of the Sun Gazette newspapers will receive full access to at no additional charge, but they will be asked to verify their subscription by using their last name and telephone number.

“Many news sites have gone in this direction,” said Bruce Potter, chief operating officer of Northern Virginia Media Services, which publishes and five weekly newspapers in the region. “We are simply asking our heaviest users to contribute a little bit toward the cost of providing the outstanding content on which they rely every day.”

Users will see a small box at the top of each article that will tell them how many remaining articles they can read for free each month.

After reading five unique articles a month, users will have to register on the site with a valid e-mail address. Registration allows users to receive InsideNoVa’s daily and breaking news e-mail newsletters, to submit news releases and calendar events, and to post comments on articles. Once registered, users can read another 10 unique articles per month before the subscription requirement is triggered.

In lieu of the $4.99/month fee for full access, users can subscribe to home delivery of one of Northern Virginia Media Services’ weekly newspapers, for only $39 a year:

• Prince William Today

• Leesburg Today

• Arlington Sun Gazette

• Fairfax Sun Gazette, which primarily covers the Great Falls, McLean, Oakton, Tysons and Vienna areas.

The online subscription fee does not apply to’s app, which is still available for free in the iTunes store and for Android devices.

A digital, PDF-style edition of Prince William Today is also available for $19 per year, but that does not include full online access. Digital editions of the weekly newspapers are available for free online.

Click here for a complete FAQ on the new subscription policy.


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I'm already paying $45 a month for the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. Enough is enough already. Time for Anonymouse.


Bugmenot- something tells me that you are just some sad, lonely, uninformed human being. I feel sorry for you.


It is confusing, but there are multiple people behind the it's better to hit the reply button _just under_ the comment.


Robert Austin

Clean your browser history and cookies often enough. It's how the Washington post keeps track of how many times you've viewed their site for stories. Do that, and you will continue to view for free.

JJ Reynolds

There isn't anything that special about this website.


Pay money to use this thinks not.

Good luck, insidenova is barely clinging to the title of third rate!


Just another media outlet censoring truth with money.


Bug.....I hope you're not gone for good. I've enjoyed reading your opinions/comments. I think you always bring up good points

Paul Miller

I'm guessing minimal impact, other than the annoyance of suddenly being blocked from articles for the rest of any given month (because who is going to notice the little counter box - we've already trained ourselves to ignore 60 percent of the unwanted material on webpages).

That annoyance will serve to get some people out of the daily habit of seeing what's here. There are too many sources of free news for people who aren't paying now to start. So, if out of the habit, then some people will stop clicking here.

That means a lower total number of clicks, which I'm guessing will mean a lower selling point for on-line ads, which ought to mean reduced on-line ad revenue. It's a tough business, but I don't see this move working in the paper's advantage.

The on-line version is still recovering from when the paper foolishly tried to force anyone wanting to comment to have an account with some kiddie social media site. Anyone remember the vibrant commenting before that mistake? We'd have over a hundred comments on some stories. The paper made that change, and it dropped to like nothing. So they changed back after a couple years, but people who were out of the habit stayed out of the habit. Seemingly about 2/3 never came back, and a good portion of those who did, well, we've seen what these boards have become.

It's a left hand/right hand thing. If your right hand wants vibrant commentary, then your left hand shouldn't be doing anything to limit or discourage readers. Forcing people to have Facebook or now to pay an on-line subscription is the left hand hand working against the goals of the right hand. But that's the tough part of the business, because what the right hand wants isn't what keeps the paper alive financially.

It's really the same conundrum in different form that led to former news services now being entertainment first. You have to keep viewers and readers and web accessers coming, but you also want to monetize their coming. TV 'news' does that with entertainment, because their money is from advertising. On-line newspapers try to walk that fence between subscription income and advertising income, and the things designed to increase either category tend to reduce the other category.


“Many news sites have gone in this direction,” Yes, that is true. You have to look at who though; WP, NYT, WSJ. All businesses that also have a paper route.

Now look at who doesn't charge for access to their news; Yahoo, HuffPo, and TOO MANY SITES TO NAME.

Whatever. Bye! :)


If you get actual news from HuffPo or Yahoo I feel sorry for you.


The #2 and #4 news sites visited?


Lol, I guess some trolls have to register their real names now. That may change the amount of bigoted comments :-)


Good luck with that. InsideNoVA is one day behind on news, I guess it takes one day to copy news from other news websites. PotomacLocal is much better with local news!


You guys are going to lose most folks to Washington post because they have the $2.99 special... :-)

Rhonda Gittens

No way can I pay for a site that does not follow it's own written rules of no racist comments allowed. Inside nova reads the comments because I have seen responses. Yet they turn a blind eye to the racism in their comments. Ok. You don't do your job I don't pay you.

Donald Quella

There's so much junk advertising on this site that the screen on my laptop periodically freezes. You guys are a hoot. Wazamatter, Rich Conner behind on the mortgage?

Wayne D.

Oh well. Good luck InsideNova. Gonna miss ya.


In the midst of tens of thousands of excellent free sources of on-line information and up-to-the minute (local, national and worldwide) news the odds of outdated left leaning articles and no-holds barred article commentaries succeeding are low.

Following 6 -8 years of collapsed high technology job offerings people are hungry.

Regardless of the amount subscription fees are likely not on their radar.

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