Jeanine Lawson Prince William Board of Supervisors

Prince William County Supervisor Jeanine Lawson questions a representative of the All Dulles Area Muslim Society during a hearing June 27, 2017.  


Prince William County Supervisor Jeanine Lawson plans to run for Congress in 2022.

Lawson, R-Brentsville, announced on Facebook on Thursday that she will seek the Republican nomination for the 10th District seat, currently held by Democrat Jennifer Wexton. 

"I've fought for lower taxes, limited government, and have a proven record of winning in deep blue northern Virginia," Lawson said in her Facebook post. "Next year, we need to take back Congress from [Speaker Nancy] Pelosi and The Squad."  

The district covers parts of central and western Prince William, the McLean area of Fairfax County, all of Loudoun, Clarke and Frederick counties and Manassas, Manassas Park and Winchester. However, the lines will be redrawn by Virginia's Redistricting Commission once full data from the 2020 Census are available. Members of the House of Representatives are not required to live in the district they represent.

Lawson couldn’t be reached for comment Thursday afternoon.

Lawson won a special election to the Brentsville District seat in December 2014 to replace Wally Covington, who resigned after being appointed to a judgeship. She was re-elected in 2015 and 2019, receiving about 55% of the vote in the most recent race. 

Lawson received a bachelors in political science from the University of Northern Iowa. She is a supporter of The Family Foundation, a Christian policy nonprofit, and the Prince William County Conservation Alliance. She is an active member of Grace Community Life Church in Bristow.

In a press release, Lawson said that as a “mom and a proud conservative,” she is “concerned for America’s future.”

“The high tax and spend agenda coming from Washington, D.C. penalizes hardworking families while efforts to defund police departments and push insidious agendas, like Critical Race Theory on our kids, are putting our commonwealth and country in crisis,” Lawson said in the release. 

She has been vocal in increasingly tense meetings of the Board of Supervisors around the county’s rural area as Republicans and Democrats jockey over Prince William’s land-use policies.

In the release, Lawson said she will work to “rein in spending and cut taxes, defend our police and first responders, and fight for our Constitutional Rights.” She said she has advanced “conservative values” and opposed tax hikes while on the board.  

Based on meeting minutes, it appears Lawson has only once voted for an increase in the county’s real estate tax rate. For the fiscal 2018 budget, Lawson voted in the majority in approving the rate of $1.125 per $100 of assessed value. The fiscal 2017 rate was $1.122 per $100 of assessed value and led to an average increase of $71 on tax bills.

Lawson voted against the past two tax rate increases for a levy primarily paid by data centers. She voted against the decrease in the real estate tax rate for the current fiscal year from $1.125 to $1.115, saying she supported a lower levy, but thought it should have been cut more to avoid rising bills.

Lawson also serves on the Board of Commissioners for the Potomac and Rappahannock Transportation Commission, the Virginia Railway Express executive and operations boards and the executive, environmental and agriculture steering committees of the Virginia Association of Counties.

Wexton ousted Republican Rep. Barbara Comstock from the 10th District seat in 2018 and was re-elected in 2020 with 56.5% of the vote.  She previously was a state Senator from the Leesburg area of Loudoun County.  

According to Ballotpedia, four other candidates have announced plans to seek the Republican nomination: Loudoun County School Board member John Beatty, economist Monica Carpio, U.S. Army veteran Paul Lott and Clay Percle, a U.S. Air Force veteran. 

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(6) comments

Henry Howell

Good luck with that, VA-10 has shifted sharply to the left. Especially as the GOP has gone off the rails, the party of Frank Wolf, and Tom Davis is no more. I was once a Republican but the party left me. The district voted for Biden by nearly 20 points and is likely in redistricting to get bluer.

Paul Benedict

Wrong! Where the so-called GOP has gone off the rails is not standing up to the craziness of the Democrats. They figured as long as they could schmooze with their big money donors and dodge political correctness issues, they would be fine. They didn't care about what is being taught in our schools. Late term abortions that kill babies that could survive outside the womb were not a big deal to them, just a choice. They rarely speak up about the infringement on personal rights, or that people of faith are being discriminated against. To these old-time GOPers these people are just fanatics, even though the values they have would have been considered mainstream just a couple of decades ago, and I believe still are shared by many people of all faiths and races. The GOPers of the past were almost worthless. I wish Jeanine Lawson all the best. People with your viewpoint Mr. Howell absolutely amaze me. Have you paid attention to Rep. Jennifer Wexton's voting record? Have you paid attention to what the Biden Administration is doing to Americans, partnering with big tech companies to shut out speech they don't like, and spying on Americans that don't share their beliefs. Yet you are worried about Republicans. That is a nutty position to have.

John Dutko


Would you like to review what happened during the last administration and how they partnered with Facebook to manipulate users data, spy on them, and deliberately target citizens for their political beliefs? Do you want to go down that route?

Let's give you a softball question: Name a time in recent history that the Republican party advocated for civil liberties for all Americans.


Name a time that the Republican party went to absurd lengths to curb personal rights.

I would love to hear your answer.

Bonus question: Why is the GOP forcing religion and religious ideology on people?

Jerzy Brick

Good stuff.

Henry Howell

Your paragraph is just a smorgasbord of far right extremist talking points, emblematic of how my beloved GOP of George HW Bush Gerald Ford and John McCain has gone off the rails, in embracing misinformation and lies. You repeat the lies about what is being taught in the schools, when what you want to do is teach a whitewashed version of history not the truth, late term abortions are already banned in almost all circumstances except the life of the mother. People of faith aren't discriminated against in fact they are allowed to impose their views on others because of the reactionary SCOTUS we have in place, instead of the great court where legends like Earl Warren, David Souter, and John Paul Stevens once sat. Jennifer Wexton's voting record is solid, and the Biden administration is doing its best to tackle this virus, our economy is booming, unemployment is down, and are schools are being reopened. I don't have time for misinformation and paranoia the Democrats of today are strongly against big tech like Facebook which is biased towards Trumpism and needs to be broken up like Elizabeth Warren said.

Jerzy Brick

"my beloved GOP of George HW Bush Gerald Ford and John McCain."

Yeah the good ol boys' club that could care less about sovereignty and more about their American Empire. But they in return did receive a one-way ticket to hell, so in the end I guess it works out fairly. You can't lie, deceive, manipulate, coerce, and pervert justice and expect to in the end come out victorious.

Stop believing politics is the answer to all of our problems when all it is is hollywood on the east coast.

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