Jennie Dean School

Jennie Dean School

Manassas school officials say they are changing the way they conduct background investigations after the recent discovery that Jennie Dean Elementary School’s principal lied on his resume and falsified his college transcripts.

School officials on Monday said they are also now verifying all of the school system’s current employee records.

Robin Toogood resigned his position as principal of Jennie Dean Elementary School in Manassas June 28 and voluntarily surrendered his Virginia state teaching license July 9, according to documents submitted to the state department of education.

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Toogood had served as Jennie Dean’s principal since 2009.

In June, Toogood applied for an elementary school principal position in Prince William County and school officials there suspected that information on his resume may have been false, according to an official letter of complaint filed with the state department of education.

According to the letter, Prince William school officials conducted a background check on Toogood and attempted to verify information on transcripts he submitted. According to the letter, a transcript Toogood submitted from the University of Maryland Baltimore County “was not accurate (altered) and conflicts with the university’s records.” In addition, a transcript state he has a Masters of Education from Trinity Washington University “is not accurate (altered) and conflicts with the university’s records” and his transcript claiming he held a Doctorate in Education Leadership from Regent University in Virginia Beach “is fictitious and conflict’s with the university’s records.”

The state notified the Manassas school division about the complaint and the city launched an investigation, according to state department of education documents.

On June 28, Toogood submitted a hand-written letter resigning his position as principal of Jennie Dean.

In a letter sent to Toogood, Manassas Superintendent Catherine Magouyrk said that the school division’s investigation uncovered evidence that “clearly shows” that he obtained his teaching license “by fraudulent means.”

“Specifically, you misrepresented the facts and falsified the transcripts that you presented in your employment application with Manassas City Public Schools and your request for licensure submitted to the Virginia Department of Education in 2009,” Magouyrk wrote in the letter.

According to the letter, Manassas officials found that Toogood did not, as he claimed, have a doctorate from Andover Theological Seminary, and that the school “has no record of [his] attendance as a student.” They also found that Toogood “fabricated” his transcript from Trinity University Washington and that he did not earn a Master’s degree from that school as he claimed and only attended school there for one year.

The investigation also found that Toogood received a Master’s degree from NYACK University, but it was in organizational leadership, not education leadership as he claimed. Manassas officials said Toogood altered his major on the transcript he submitted to the Virginia Department of Education to receive the administrative endorsement on his teaching license.

Investigators also found that Toogood did not earn a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland Baltimore County and submitted an altered transcript stating that he did. Manassas school officials found that Toogood “attended the university, however, the university could not confirm that a degree was awarded.”

In a letter sent to Magouyrk July 9, Toogood said he would “not contest the charges” in Magouyrk’s letter and would voluntarily return his teaching license and request its cancellation.

According to state department of education records, Toogood’s teaching license was officially cancelled July 21.

In a statement, Manassas school officials said their human resources department “will no longer rely solely on the Virginia Department of Education to validate transcripts for licensing purposes.”

Beginning July 1, the school division began a new policy of using a clearinghouse “to verify the authenticity of the transcripts of all new employees regardless [of] if they are licensed.”

“This action will validate information that has been provided by employees to the department of education for licensing,” Manassas school officials said in their statement.

Manassas school officials are also verifying the transcripts of all their current licensed employees, school officials said.

The school division has a new director of human resources, Billie Kay Wingfield, who began Aug. 1 and “is leading the changes that have been put in place,” school officials said.

Manassas officials said Toogood was hired as principal at Jennie Dean effective July 1, 2009.

Manassas school officials said Toogood “was hired under a previous administration,” but their records show “that an application, resume and transcripts were collected and that references were also contacted by phone.”

Before coming to Manassas, Toogood worked in Washington public schools, Washington public charter schools and at a school in Maryland as a teacher and an administrator, Manassas school officials said.

Toogood received his Virginia state teaching license in 2009 when he submitted his transcripts and District of Columbia license to the state department of education, Manassas school officials said.

In 2012, Arlington County schools appointed Toogood to serve as principal at Drew Model School, but he decided not to accept the position and stayed at Jennie Dean, according to news releases issued at the time.

Toogood is also the pastor at Purity Baptist Church and Urban Center in Washington. The church Facebook page was deleted Monday and Toogood could not be reached by phone for comment.

At Jennie Dean, assistant principal Zella Jones has been appointed to serve as acting principal while school officials search for Toogood’s replacement.

In their statement, Manassas school officials said Jones “has been leading the school and has worked to ensure that students have been assigned to classes and that everything will be in place for teachers and students when they return.”


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I guess things were just Toogood to be true.
Sorry - but that joke wrote itself.


I guess things were just Toogood to be true.
Sorry - but that joke wrote itself.

JJ Reynolds

He'll be suing for racism soon enough because the county dared to prohibit him from lying...


No chance of success in a discrimination suit based on race.


So he has been there since 2009 and it says the school knew something was wrong and they still hired him.!! What's going in PWC.!!! Sounds like someone else is trying to cover their ass.!!

Kari Pugh

No, he worked for Manassas city schools since 2009. The deception was uncovered when he applied for a job with PWC and they did a background check.


H8DMV. Did you not read the article?

charles T

He exploited a hole in the system that should have been easily caught. When you apply for most jobs they run a background check, even the simple ones most companies run will pick this up. However had he not decided to move jobs, he may have never been caught


I did read it.!! And it's says he has worked for Jennie Dean since 2009.!!! Which is a PWC School..


Hopefully, ALL monies, social security, bank and savings accounts, 401 k plan(s), IRA savings...ALL monetary accounts, home, car, boats...are seized so that ALL monies that he illegally received through fraud and other violations of VA and/or Federal laws can be returned.

He should be immediately arrested and thrown in jail until all facts are known and local law enforcement reps are able to determine the full extend of criminal misconduct. Very simply, you DO NOT want to provide this scumbag with the opportunity to flee.

An Act to amend and reenact §§ 23-276.1, 23-276.10, and 23-276.12 of the Code
of Virginia, relating to fraudulent academic credentials; penalties


April 24, 2008

RICHMOND — “Virginia’s system of higher education is one of the most highly regarded in the country, and this bill is an important part of maintaining that integrity.” That was Governor Tim Kaine’s response to the passage of House Bill 766 during the reconvene session yesterday at the General Assembly.

As of July 1 when the law takes effect, anyone who issues, manufactures, or knowingly uses fraudulent academic credentials can be found guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor, which is punishable by a sentence of up to 12 months in jail and fines of up to $2,500. Violations of the law should be reported to the Commonwealth’s Attorney offices in the location where they occur.


Code of Virginia

§ 59.1-396. Fraudulent use of credential.

Any person other than the lawful holder thereof who has in his possession any credential, license or permit issued by the Commission, or a forged or simulated credential, license or permit of the Commission, and who uses such credential, license or permit for the purpose of misrepresentation, fraud or touting is guilty of a Class 4 felony.

Any credential, license or permit issued by the Commission, if used by the holder thereof for a purpose other than identification and in the performance of legitimate duties on a racetrack or within a satellite facility, shall be automatically revoked whether so used on or off a racetrack or satellite facility.

1988, c. 855; 1992, c. 820 .


H8DMV, Jennie Dean is NOT a PWC school.


Wow, that is sad. Hopefully, the other school systems learn from Prince Williams. Toogood was very bold, any decent person would have been scared to lie like that!


BTW, there are THREE 'ACTIVE' cases in Maryland re Robin A Toogood II involving TAX LIENS totaling more than $21,000.00 in State of Maryland vs Toogood.

I am not certain that this is the same person, but DC, MD and VA court records need to be searched ASAP by local authorities and IF this is Toogood, at the very least, the State of Maryland tax enforcement officials and others should be notified ASAP.

Time for a little due diligence and to protect the 'potential' continued onslaught of the innocent.


Really when you look it up.!! It's says Manassas VA so what area would this school be in.!!!


Either way Manassas is so close to PWC it's all apart of out school system.. So either way sorry I missed the line where this two counties cross.!! 😂


Your ignorance is fascinating and entertaining.


Your ignorance is both fascinating and entertaining.


I'm more concerned that no one is discussing whether or not Toogood did a good job as the principal, rather than if he was properly licensed. I don't know the guy, nor do any of my kids go to that school, but that was my first question, which no one has addressed yet.

College professors do not need teaching certificates, and more importantly, private school teachers do not either. Private schools blow away public schools when it comes to educating students as a result of hiring competent staff who can actually teach effectively rather than teach to a pre-defined state-sponsored level. And in this case, we are not even talking about a teacher, but the school administrator - the principal. More important here would be administrative functions, not direct teaching ability.

While I agree he should be fired as he lied, I think this is telling of the mentality of many people out there - not whether or not a person will do a good job at a position, but whether or not a person meets what our government decides are the qualifications we are required to adhere to in those that educate our children.

Considering the middling job that our public schools do as a result of the teacher union lobby preventing free and open competition regarding the funding that we pay through taxes that gets funnelled to public schools - regardless of the job they do - I would find it interesting to determine if he was a good principal or not. But regardless of the answer, it is apparently that regardless of the job he did, even without the education and certifications that per our government an educator must have, not only was it not needed to hold the position of principal, it was more than enough to be offerred multiple jobs as a school administrator - in fact, it was more than enough for him to maintain that job for 5+ years, with the lack of the education/certification that the government requires not being a factor in his job performance. And, for those that might indicate it would affect his job performance, well then consider that he HELD THE JOB. It is even a poorer reflection upon the public school system had his performance been poor, and he still retained the position - which would be yet another example of the need to allow open and free competition for our tax dollars to education, per the will of each parent regarding public/private schools.


I'm more concerned that no one is worried about what type of example the liar was for his staff. Lead by example... He probably let a lot of corrupt actions by his staff slide because he is just as corrupt... Most importantly what type of example was he for the children? Not a great one, I would argue!


The job he did as Principal is totally irrelevant. What is relevant is how he was hired into his position at JDES.

Paul Miller

You guys are talking about two different things. I agree with you that job performance is irrelevant to the question of whether Toogood should be fired. But then it seems the guy you are responding to agrees as well: manassas20110 also wrote Toogood should be fired for lying.

20110 wasn't defending Toogood. He was commenting on what may be over-reaching requirements for public school employment.


Today, some people might view integrity, character, truth, trustworthiness, morals and honor as having little or no value.

These same people might believe that the Ten Commandments and the Code of Chivalry are meaningless and are no longer important.

Without moral fiber, I am of the humble opinion that 'free will' will more likely run amuck and create a more lawless society.

Law acts as a kind of guideline as to what is accepted of someone in a society. Laws are designed to act as deterrents. Without law there would be conflicts and chaos.


You have links to all the paperwork between the school districts and VDOE but the one thing you don't have is a copy of the false transcripts. I would love to see these transcripts. How about getting a copy and posting on line.

And additionally, Toodgood needs to have charges filed against him for fraud and /or he needs to pay back all the money Manassas paid him.


There seems to be some confusion concerning in which district Toodgood was principal. He was a principal in the Manassas City Public Schools. The schools in that district are:
Baldwin Elementary
Dean Elementary
Haydon Elementary
Round Elementary
Weems Elementary
Mayfield Upper Elementary
Metz Middle
OHS (High School)

Leroy Brown

He or she (sorry not sure of gender and do not want to offend any one) was only principal of ONE school Dean Elementary.


I don't believe these are "over-reaching requirements for public school employment", especially not for a Principal position. The pay scale for administrators is pretty good. We all know the rules. We know the requirements to be a teacher, we know the requirements to be an administrator. This guy just decided he wanted to be a Principal making a Principal's salary and committed fraud to obtain such position. As far as his job performance in the five years? Who really cares?


Manassas needs to do at least two things. Sue him for back pay all the way back to the time he was hired. And they need to prosecute him. He will likely go off somewhere else and try and pull the same stunt. What a worthless person to pull this.


J Dean ES is in Manassas City
Due to my job I have had to be in that school helping parents a few times, I think he was reachable and did a great job, during his administration. Why do you assume he was corrupt and he made his staff to also do wrong things?
"throw him in jail, make him pay back..." wow, with all the pedophiles, thieves, morally corrupt people in our neighborhood... I'm not saying he did right but that thirst for "justice" is amazing. And he RESIGNED, in case you missed that.
The difference between those who are caught and us self-righteous ones is that their dirty laundry is aired for everybody to see, judge and execute, while we are just not caught, at least not yet. Meaning, the one without sin cast the first stone.


He only resigned after he was caught. He was a fraud and deserves to be treated as such.


SpeakLife, this is a bit more serious than you want to believe....No he won't do prison time...and that is a freaking shame.


I'm not saying he needs to do prison time, but he needs to get the harshest punishment under the law. I always wonder what makes criminals so bold... Smh


What pisses me off...Manassas 02110 or whatever...he dont have a Bachelor's up got no Bachelor's.....look at yoself


What he did is a crime. He stole from the city and the board of education and the tax payers. He falsified a official document you would think they would do their due diligence and back ground investigation before turning him loose in a school to run.



NO LIMITS to his lies, even under God's roof.

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