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Property placed in easement in Bluement.

Land Trust of Virginia recently announced thatAirmont Meadows Court, a 78-acre property along Snickersville Turnpike in Bluemont, has been placed into permanent conservation easement.

The easement is possible "due to the generosity of property owner, Chuck Kuhn," the trust said in a news release. The Kuhn family owns JK Moving.

Originally subdivided into 24 lots with plans for a public road, Airmont Meadows Court will now be erased from the plans before Loudoun County and never see more than one primary and one secondary residence, the release said.

“This is the fourth conservation easement we have completed with the Kuhn family and we are just thrilled to continue working together,” said Sally Price, executive director of Land Trust of Virginia. “This property is contiguous with another property in easement with LTV and within one mile, there are 11 additional conserved properties. Creating these large pockets of conservation is a central goal of our work and we consider this a big win.”

Airmont Meadows Court is located 2.2 miles southeast of Bluemont and falls within the watershed of Butchers Branch, flowing along its lower boundary, Goose Creek, the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay.

Currently six agricultural fields, the property has been defined as having “Farmland of Statewide Importance.” These characteristics, along with its location in the Virginia Piedmont Heritage Area, an 1,800-square-mile area of Northern Virginia, designated a Heritage Area by the Commonwealth of Virginia in 1995 to increase awareness of the historic, scenic, and natural qualities of the region, make Airmont Meadows Court an important piece of conservation within Loudoun County.

“Placing Airmont Meadows Court under easement furthers our interest in protecting open spaces throughout western Loudoun County. We are thrilled to add this property to our portfolio with the Land Trust of Virginia and conserve this unique part of the world,” said Chuck Kuhn.

Airmont Meadows Court is the 207th conservation easement recorded by the Land Trust of Virginia. For more information about their work, please visit

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