Local leaders celebrate the opening of Kaiser Permanente's largest East Coast medical center with a ribbon cutting in Woodbridge on Thursday, Sept. 15, 2022. 

Kaiser Permanente will open a new state-of-the-art medical center Monday at 13285 Minnieville Road in Woodbridge.

The new center is Kaiser's seventh major hub in the Mid-Atlantic region. State and local officials, business leaders, and residents celebrated the coming opening with a ribbon-cutting Thursday evening.

The new center is the largest on the East Coast, including five stories with a total 245,000 square feet, Prince William County Economic Development said in a news release. The medical campus houses the carrier’s primary care doctors, specialists -- including radiology, lab, pharmacy -- observation units and surgical suites on site.

"In addition to more than 50 high-paying jobs coming to our community, this new medical center represents more than $200 million in capital investment,” said Ann B. Wheeler, Chair, Prince William Board of County Supervisors, in the news release. "This center expects to see more than 40,000 residents from our county and around the region this year."

Prince William County Department of Economic Development worked closely with site selection representatives to find the location and worked with other county departments to get the project done.

"Taking on this project during the COVID-19 pandemic was both important and daunting,” said Tom Flynn, deputy director, PWCDED. “We were excited to provide targeted industry status for this healthcare project, resulting in a reduction in permitting fees as well as fast-track permitting that helped keep the project on schedule."

As part of the project, Kaiser Permanente sponsored the Wellness Park at Harbor Drive, the first dedicated wellness park in the county's Occoquan District and provides residents with universal fitness equipment accessible to people of all ages and physical abilities.

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Stephanie Richardson

Of all the places to build a monstrosity like this, let's destroy land, place on an already congested road, and leave another empty building...all in the name of progress. So stupid, so sad. Thanks to all who voted to build this in a congested business and residential area. Long live ecology and quality of life in Lake Ridge....how pathetic.

Duke Nukem

Are they ready for the government takeover? They can keep the name as the American Kaiser aka Josef Robinette Biden will have his statue in the fountain. Is there a fountain?

Jimi Weaver

Ding Ding Ding. Ladies and gentlemen we have a winner for the most imbecilic comment ever made on this website. Congratulations Duke, here’s your trophy 🏆

Paul Benedict

You don't read many comments do you?

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