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Kamala Harris

Calling her a "fearless fighter for the little guy," Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden today announced Kamala Harris as his pick for vice presidential running mate.

Harris, 55, is a former San Francisco District Attorney and Democratic member of the U.S. Senate.

"Back when Kamala was Attorney General, she worked closely with Beau," Biden wrote on Twitter, referencing his son who died of brain cancer in 2015. "I watched as they took on the big banks, lifted up working people, and protected women and kids from abuse. I was proud then, and I'm proud now to have her as my partner in this campaign."

Harris lost her own presidential bid for the 2020 Democratic nomination, and often had harsh words for Biden over his record on race relations.

"Black women and women of color have long been underrepresented in elected office and in November we have an opportunity to change that," Harris wrote on Twitter shortly before Biden's announcement. "Let's get to work."


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Biden picks a cop who locked up thousands of innocent black Californians to be his Vice President candidate just because the mainstream press loves her.


You're not being very consistent here I thought the Democrats were the marxist, socialist, leftist defund the police crazies that have been harped endlessly by drunken trolls?

That of course was all a lie, the Democrats are the party of law and order. We are also the party of reform equality and justice. The GOP attacks the press universities, science and evidence as liberal constructs, that cannot impugn upon their false and delusional Breitbart induced fantasy worlds.


Her main problems are hypocrisy and dishonesty. She smoked dope at the same time she was sending dopers to prison. Courts determined that she purposely withheld evidence that would have helped defense lawyers. Americans hate that kind of dishonesty. They prefer justice for all, even many Democrats perfer justice for all.

The vast majority of Democrats dislike this woman, not to mention normal Americans. She is evil. Less than 2% of Democrats voted for her in the primaries. As California AG she targeted religious groups and others that she disagreed with for harassment.

The only reason she is in politics is because she performed for Willie Brown. She comes from a privileged background descended from slave traders. Unlike most African Americans she has no slave lineage.

Other than that she is an excellent choice.


🤣🤣 Throwing eveerything you can think of at her, just like the folks @ fox news I see. Out of desperation you even mentioned slave lineage[lol]. Im sure almost all of our former V.P's have little to NO slave lineage, and quite a few VP's and Presidents have descended from slave traders. Obviously this whole thing has made your head explode. Take a break from commenting for a while[offtopic]


"Those who stand for nothing, fall for anything"--Alexander Hamilton

Not in my Hometown.

How long do you think Biden will be in office "IF" he wins? Here is what is planned to happen so listen closely and envision these things happening and the results. First the democratic party will have Biden step down for mental capacity issues, next Harris will take over as President and then Pelosi will be taking the vice president job. Ask your self do we want a United State of California???


Living in fantasy much? Mental capacity, like the 1917 flu that ended World War II?

I've asked myself and yes, a united state of california is better than the mess we're in now. Complicit crooks in the GOP are not law and order unless it applies to everyone but themselves.


You obviously haven't been to California lately. I have. Except for the gated communities of politically connected cronies, it is a hell-hole.


Another lie Soiled pants. You folks hate yourselves and everyone else that is not a racist like you. Grown folks lying again. Grow up!


I'm glad he picked her. She should be able to stand up to Trump's "tantrums" and he will have many. She knows law, she knows the Constitution, which this president doesn't. All he wants to do is pad his pockets. He's a disgrace to the USA.


Lets NOT forget, she was ONLY picked, because of 2 things, SHE was a female and she is of color. No other reason.


Ah yes another Democrat whose whole life story and family took advantage of all things America can provide for them and now they will tell us how terrible this country is just like our last democrat president.


Now go ahead and list all the quantifiable achievements that Trump has done for the US.


How is your 401K? Bet it is better than when OBlamie was in office


Sorry but the market did much better in the Obama years than during Trumpski's 3+ years. Clinton did better. Even Bush Sr. did better. Trumpski has just been riding the Obama economy wave.



@American, I bet you beliece Mexico paid for the 3 miles of wall that have been completed and that Obamacare has been repealed also, dont you[whistling]


He achieved Criminal Justice reform which is letting many Democrats out of jail for drug crimes. Does that count?

He exposed the fake media/Obama Administration Russian collusion conspiracy.

He stomped on the neck of the phony Pelosi impeachment effort, killing it in its tracks.

He appointed real justices to the Supreme Court.

He has cut funding to the UN, WHO, NATO and other racist organizations.

He has stood up to Russia in Eastern Europe (Remember Obama gave Crimea to Russia without any resistance).



You are absolutely delusional. I bet you arent even American, and if you are, a horrible citizen at that.

Trump is impeached. You cant change that. Impeached forever. Nice little asterisk by his cucked name.

Sure he got some criminal justice reform: All of his political cronies and white collar crime felons friends got pardoned or commuted sentences (which, btw, is a violation of the Constitution). Oh look... George Mason even addressed this whole situation in the 18th century:

The president, argued Mason,

“ought not to have the power of pardoning, because he may frequently pardon crimes which were advised by himself. It may happen, at some future day, that he will establish a monarchy, and destroy the republic. If he has the power of granting pardons before indictment, or conviction, may he not stop inquiry and prevent detection? The case of treason ought, at least, to be excepted. This is a weighty objection with me.”

And now all of the Republican senators who voted to keep Trump are at high risk of losing their seat. Even McConnell has been telling those in trouble to distance themselves. And you know what? Democrats are fired up to vote, and make up the majority of the US.

Cutting funding to the UN is stupid and serves Russian interests. Cutting funding to the WHO during a pandemic (of all things) is counter-intuitive and malicious. And NATO, the organization that was formed to combat the USSR and now Russia (since they still do stuff to former Soviet countries), safeguards American policy abroad. But now, Mango Mussolini has screwed American softpower and goodwill to the point that we are pitied abroad.

So my advice to you and your fellow supporters: Get off social media. Take a break from the news. Then go pick up a history book concerning the 20th century and look up Populism and Tribalism. Because you all have been sold some fake goods by THE biggest conman since PT Barnum.


Black females are 7% of the total population and the Democrats ignored other 93% of the population to make the pick. If you think about it, it's like inbreeding in a small gene pool. That's what Democrats are good at. The completely overlooked any Latino-Americans, which has a higher population percentage than blacks in the US. If I were a Latino-American, I'd be pissed that the Democrats keep choosing blacks over them. Just walk away.


Wow! What a lie. You folks hate a strong woman and black female. Latinos hate Trump as well, but you folks love to spin things. Nice try and it ain't working.

PWC resident since '69

Follow in line and go “baa baa baa” you sheep


You're one of those "woke" types? Chirst, what a pathetic human being you are. You couldn't be further from it.


If it wasn't for Willie Brown, Kamala Harris wouldn't exist. She's not exactly a good role model for young half black/half Asian women, or for women in general. She actually fits the old stereotype of women who get ahead in life, when there are many better qualified woman out there.


You Trump supporters are nothing but liars and ignorant racist. You support Trump and his wife who is all over the internet buck-naked. You know he is going to lose and you are spreading a bunch of lies just like Fox News. You deplorable folks can't even think for yourselves and this is why he loves the poorly educated. You are fine with him not getting on Russia about the bounties on our military members and you continuously let him lie to you when you know he is telling lies. You are the most ignorant people in the world.


Derek, your comments are hilarious and so uninformed. You do know the Russian bounty narrative was phony, right? No serious evidence of it being true. I think you are ignorant of who the real ignorant people are.

Also, you realize that Melania Trump was a high-paid model before she met Trump? She is a very beautiful woman, and yes she has been in some pretty provactive pictures (I haven't seen any buck-naked pictures though), just like thousands of other models. Is that a crime? If it is, we have some pretty hypocritical Democrats.


It's weird that ALL of NATO got briefed on the Russian Bounties and have confirmed the veracity of the intelligence, but the guy who is supposedly "tough on Russia" denies any involvement. Insofar as to reduce the amount of Presidential Daily Briefings and amend intelligence reports that run contrary to the Trumpian narrative.

No, it is not a crime to be a model. Nor is it a crime to be introduced to your future husband by Jeffrey Epstein and be featured in numerous photos and hanging out with Ghislaine Maxwell.

The bar is set pretty low for the Trump family and his supporters. That Overton window keeps moving...

Catherine Christine

“The ultimate collection of facts about what President Donald Trump accomplished in his first term — facts your professors; your politicians in Washington, DC; TV pundits; and Hollywood celebrities don’t want you to know. They include:

President Trump allocated more funding to historically black colleges and universities than any other president.

The poverty rate for black and Hispanic Americans dropped to an all-time low in 2018.

The famous “Muslim Ban” excluded 87 percent of the world’s Muslims.

Blue-collar workers enjoyed three times the wage growth of the top one percent of households.

Median household income reached $65,666 in 2019, the highest level on record.

From his first month in office, President Trump presided over the largest manufacturing boom in a first term since the 1970s.

Trump has been tougher on Putin than Obama was.

The Trump DOJ has opened more than 1,000 cases against the world’s top intellectual property thieves as America loses trillions in Chinese theft.

Trump prioritized breaking the Chinese monopoly on rare-earth elements, and the U.S. is digging for them for the first time since the Manhattan Project.

Border crossings plummeted by 78 percent from March 2019 to March 2020.

Democrats began calling for Trump’s impeachment months before he was the Republican nominee.

Violent crime has fallen every year since Trump took office after rising the last two years under Obama.

Trump’s federal agencies are investigating the big tech giants’ monopolistic practices.” Breitbart News, July 29, 2020. “Breitbart News Entertainment Editor Jerome Hudson’s latest book, 50 Things They Don’t Want You to Know About Trump.” Vote Life. Trump/Pence 2020


1) False: https://www.insidehighered.com/news/2020/01/23/trumps-claim-about-saving-hbcus-was-false-his-administration-has-largely-backed

2) Pretty sure the poverty rate has changed in the last 5 months with a disproportionate amount affecting minorities.

3) Glad you come out and say that you support the exclusion of a people based on their beliefs. Very much against the spirit of America. But you do you.

4) All wage growth that was claimed was wiped out because of Trumps ineffective response to the pandemic.

5) Median household income includes billionaires, so you will have a skewed view of actual American individual wealth. Much like people think the economy equals the stock market.

6) Right now, US manufacturing is woefully defunct with numerous businesses and plants either closed down or moved due to Trumps economic policies (we cant forget that "Trade wars are good and easy to win").

7) You cant be more farther from the truth. All roads lead to Russia. Explain why Trump wants to bring back Russia into the former G8? Or relieving the sanctions of the Magnitsky Act on Russian Oligarchs? Or not doing anything about Russian bounties on American troops? Or discrediting the entire US Intelligence apparatus in Helsinki? And those are just a few examples of how Trump is a failed dumpster-fire of person and politician.

8) Too bad Trump pulled out of the TTP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) that was designed to explicitly deal with Chinese economic expansionism. But he did. Then he started a trade war. And we are still screwed for that. Yet is it just fine that he personally secured Chinese trademarks for his daughter and we overlook the fact that Trump is personally on debt to the Chinese for over $211 million that is coming due. But having a president woefully indebted to another nation is none of my business...

9) What is your source? I have found the complete opposite. https://foreignpolicy.com/2020/05/25/china-trump-trade-supply-chain-rare-earth-minerals-mining-pandemic-tensions/

10) Border crossings are not a good metric as a large amount of illegal immigration is the result of traffic via aviation i.e. overstaying visa.

11) And they were right in doing so. And he is still an impeached president.

12) Violent crime has been in an downward trend since 1991. https://www.factcheck.org/2020/06/trump-wrong-on-crime-record/

13) He is only doing this because he is getting pushback from publishing lies and disinformation. And then he cooks it up as a "Conservative bias" plot.

American lives are not better off now than they were 4 years ago.

Catherine Christine

Timothy Charles Holmseth Report on June 3, 2020 - “President Trump’s special forces are rescuing children from underground tunnels, bunkers, and bases as we speak.” Defend Law Enforcement. Save the Children. Respect the Flag. Vote Life. Trump/Pence 2020. GOD Bless America.


Catherine, why do you follow fringe tripe like QAnon? http://www.citypages.com/news/minnesotas-timothy-holmseth-finds-trouble-with-his-q-anon-conspiracies/490489271

You are better than that.

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