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Josh King

For a man who has suffered three brutally close election losses, Josh King still has confidence.

King has filed paperwork to run for sheriff as a Democrat, again challenging Republican Prince William County Sheriff Glen Hill in 2023.

The sheriff represents Prince William County, Manassas, Manassas Park, Haymarket, Quantico, Dumfries and Occoquan. The sheriff’s office provides security at the county’s courthouse, transports prisoners and patients, and serves civil paperwork, including subpoenas and eviction notices. 

King and independent Rhonda Dickson challenged Hill in 2019. Hill narrowly prevailed over King by 762 votes. Dickson finished third.

King, 41, has been a Fairfax County deputy sheriff for 15 years. He is a U.S. Army veteran who served two tours in Iraq between 2001 and 2006.

King noted that a key campaign issue in 2019 was ending the county jail’s partnership with U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement to notify the agency when undocumented people were arrested.

In June 2020, the Prince William-Manassas Regional Jail Board let the program expire

Hill, who is chair of the jail board, made a motion to continue the program. Because it did not receive a second, the motion failed and the program expired.


Glen Hill was first elected sheriff in 2003

“Even though I did not win that race, we still defeated the program,” King said.

King said many deputies are reaching retirement age so the next sheriff will bring in a new generation of officers.

“We definitely need to hire younger folks, more career-driven folks, people from the community,” he said.

King commended Prince William’s crisis intervention training and said it was a good starting point, but the office needs to go further. Because the county is a majority-minority community, King said cultural sensitivity training is essential and supported further instruction in de-escalation tactics.

“Policing isn’t the same policing from 20 years ago,” he said. “We are peacemakers, not peace takers … We need to be able to slow down, assess and decide what is the best course of action. It’s not always rushing to make an arrest or escalating the situation.”

The sheriff also serves on the jail board, a position King said he would use to advocate for more partnerships with community organizations. He said inmates need to be set up for success on their release to reduce the chance they will be back in jail.

“These programs need to lead to things that will help them,” he said.

The 2019 election wasn’t King’s first time coming up short in an extremely tight race. 

He twice ran for the 2nd District seat in the Virginia House of Delegates. He lost the general election in 2015 to Leon Dudenhefer by 115 votes and lost the 2017 Democratic primary for the district to eventual Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy by 12 votes.

The other half of the King family has had better luck in elections. King’s wife is Del. Candi King, who won two primaries and two general elections for the 2nd District House of Delegates seat last year after Carroll Foy resigned to focus on a campaign for governor.

Hill is the only Republican serving among the four partisan countywide offices in Prince William – sheriff, commonwealth’s attorney, circuit court clerk and chair of the Board of Supervisors.

Hill was elected to his first four-year term in 2003, making him the second-longest serving elected official currently in office in the county. He was re-elected with 79% of the vote in 2007 and 67% in 2011.

Hill said he will make an announcement on his re-election plans by the end of the year, but noted under his leadership “the Sheriff’s Office has come a long way.”

In a detailed statement to InsideNoVa, Hill excoriated King, saying he is “deeply concerned” that King is running again and saying he is “still not qualified to be a sheriff.”

Hill said King has no supervisory experience and his only positive qualifications are “he is alive and well, has a nice smile, and is a [D]emocrat.”

“He has no history of doing anything in this community public safety related,” Hill added. “He has no history of doing anything public safety related other than working at Fairfax County’s jail.”

Nolan Stout covers Prince William County. Reach him at or @TheNolanStout on Facebook and Twitter.

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(17) comments

Jose Guiterrez

Jose Guiterrez

I'm willing to bet Josh King anxiously checks this article to see if someone leaves a comment supporting him. There is no way Josh King can compete with someone of Sheriff Hills caliber, leadership, experience or knowledge. We need Sheriff Hill to run again. If not, we need someone who has as much experience as Sheriff Hill.

Mike Hunt

Yet another despicable democrat vying for power by any means possible. Let’s hope rational voters keep this clown on the sidelines where he belongs.

John Dutko

Running for election is now "vying for power by any means possible"?

You need a new brand of tin foil.

Sacagawea Lax

Hopefully the hefty Soros money isn't too tin foilly.


John Dutko

And of that $1 million donation to a PAC, King received 50k

That is how PACs work.

And King still lost the primary for Delegate in 2019.

Sacagawea Lax


Agree with your first claim. In addition, this particular incumbent (Hill) is not easy to defeat, regardless of the donation money.

Harry Morant

Ah, Equity! When the Unqualified gets a shot at a position way out of their ability, because its "fair". Bwahahaha!

Martin Geter

Tell me about it!!! The last this happened, we ended up with a failed businessman/reality show star with a bad comb-over and 0 political experience as President

Harry Morant

Right, bad hair is a definite disqualifier! Pfsst! Typical Lefty Clown.

Martin Geter

No, but lack of political experince is (see above). The bad hair just makes it worse.

Sacagawea Lax



Yes because we all know "political experience" without term limits helps us to build back better. Bozo Biden has more political experience than most have life experience. Cept' that his life experience will be something the average American or average human being for that matter will never get to experience, because of his trusted and vetted "political experience." And it's not just him, he's just one of many compromised bozos who made it to the helm.

Build Back Better.

Jose Guiterrez

Josh King is not right for Prince William County. He has never been a supervisor in his entire professional career. Yes, he works as a Deputy at the Fairfax Sheriff's Office and we appreciate that but he has never managed anyone. He's never managed a budget. He's never been given or earned the responsibility of managing an entire law enforcement agency. This is very dangerous territory for Prince William County residents if, for some unlikely reason, Josh King manages to sneak into office. We don't need a Sheriff that needs on the job training. We need an experienced, well liked, well respected, law enforcement professional with the experience and credibility to head our Sheriff's Office. I've lived in Prince William County my entire adult life and I've never heard of Josh until last year when he almost suckered enough voters to get into office. You notice you never hear about anything Josh does for the community until it's time to get ready for an election? Josh King is not involved in this community. He just lives here and expects people to vote for him just because he says he's a "Progressive". If he loved Prince William County that much, why doesn't he work for the Prince William County Sheriff's Office? Has he ever tried to be a Deputy here or was Fairfax Sheriff's Office the only law enforcement agency that would hire him? Don't fall for his nonsense. Josh said "we definitely need to hire younger folks, more career-driven folks, people from the community". Josh has never served our community as a law enforcement officer, he's never been promoted at the Fairfax Sheriff's Office and if he really had the ability to contribute to Prince William County, he would be more active in the community. We in Prince William County deserve better than what Josh is offering. He offers nothing that we need which is leadership, experience, compassion and knowledge. Josh needs to stay in Fairfax, get promoted, learn what it is to be a leader, EARN the respect from our community before he thinks he can just beg for our vote. I saw him at a debate last time he ran. He is not ready to head a law enforcement agency. Don't fall for it Prince William County...DON'T FALL FOR IT.

John Dutko

Trump never held office prior to becoming POTUS.

Shoot for the stars!

Jose Guiterrez

Man, if you knew more about this guy Josh King, you would see how bad he would be for Prince William County and the Sheriff's Office. Josh King wrote “Policing isn’t the same policing from 20 years ago,” he said. “We are peacemakers, not peace takers … We need to be able to slow down, assess and decide what is the best course of action. It’s not always rushing to make an arrest or escalating the situation.” Josh King doesn't know anything about todays policing let along what policing was like 20 years ago. He doesn't know anything about dealing with the community as a law enforcement officer. He works at the jail in a controlled environment and does what his supervisor tells him to do. I wonder how many community meetings he has attended in Fairfax or in Prince William County! He has no real, practical experience. So he knows how to slide a bologna sandwich through a slot in the cell door and he can hand out fruit punch to inmates. That doesn't qualify him to manage and lead law enforcement officers, deal with members of the community, deal with political leaders, manage a multi million dollar budget. He talks about "rushing to make an arrest". I'm willing to bet he has never made an arrest in his entire career. Josh King has not excelled in the job he has had for the last 15 years with Fairfax County Sheriff's Office. If Josh King had a desire or ability to lead, he would be more than the guy that hands out fruit punch at the Fairfax jail. With his inability to promote or accept more responsibility at his current job, what makes anyone think he can run a Sheriff's Office? He doesn't care about Prince William County, he just lives here and commutes to Fairfax where I'm sure he only does just enough to get by and collect a check. That's proven by his inability to get promoted after 15 years. I'm willing to bet that Josh King will be keeping his EZ-pass and commuting for many more years.

George Lawton

Nolan I’ll give you credit at least you allegedly contacted Glen Hill and asked him his opinion to which he replied with a 100% truth bomb. King works as a deputy in Fairfax, has never even run a lemonade stand let alone a Sheriffs office. I do appreciate his candor in stressing because Prince William has so many minorities deputies need more deescalation training? I guess he’s implying they can’t follow the law which coincides with their high crime rates. At least someone can tell the truth even if accidentally. By the way the term majority monitoring is a misnomer, because you’ll forever have a majority population whether it’s 60% or 40% or whatever. Each group is counted individually, not lumped in together trying to shrink white people down as fast as possible.

Mark Twain

Sheriff Glen Hill is the only major elected official holding the line against complete lunacy in our county government. He is a fair man, and unlike many others in our government who choose which laws to follow, Sheriff Hill follows them all. Please keep this man in office and stay away from this competitors rhetoric of sensitivity training and the likes. It is just used to drum up the victim mentality of people whose votes he would like win. Trust me, Glen Hill is a man this community desperately needs in office.

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