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Am American flag pizza for Fourth of July at Benny's Pizza, which recently opened in Old Town Manassas.

Benny’s Pizza is officially open at its new Old Town Manassas location.

Famous for its 28-inch pies, the pizza chain originated in Blacksburg in 2011 and quickly became a favorite for late-night grub among Virginia Tech students. Its newest franchise location in Manassas is the chain’s 17th restaurant in Virginia, with other locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wyoming.

The Manassas location sits inside a 1956 storefront at 9209 Center St., just across from the Harris Pavilion. Owner Kyle Kerivan returned to Old Town's Architectural Review Board Tuesday night seeking final approval for a vinyl wrap on the side of the building, but the kitchen is already open.

On Monday, Mayor Michelle Davis-Younger posted a photo of a slice to her Facebook page, writing “Now THIS is a slice of pizza! It’s officially open since the Mayor has dined now!”

According to the city’s economic development office, the restaurant is planning to eventually add an open-air seating area and a mural on the side of the building.

“Downtown Manassas has a great atmosphere and a lot going on. It’s the perfect place for us to open a new location,” Kerivan said in a city press release.

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John Rockefeller

Looks great, but let's do a little pizza math, shall we?

Benny's pizzas are about $40 for a full pie. (The plain cheese is $36, some are $42+). The diameter of their pizza is 28", which is an area of about 615 sq. inches. That comes out to about 0.065 dollars per square inch.

Domino's offers large hand-tossed 14" pizzas for $7.99 carryout. 14 inches is about 153 sq. inches. That's about 0.052 dollars per square inch.

Doesn't sound like a huge difference, but that's a 20% price difference on your total bill. I'm sure Benny's is better quality, but Domino's delivers for a flat delivery fee, and has more locations.

Nice to have options, though. Good luck, Benny's!

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