14th high school Minnieville and Telegraph roads

Prince William schools moved one step closer to building the county's 14th high school Wednesday night, with the school board approving the purchase of 20.8 acres in Woodbridge.

Part of the consent agenda, the transaction was approved without board discussion. The division will pay the Travers Family Limited Partnership $2.7 million for the land between Telegraph and Minnieville roads, near Interstate 95 and adjacent to the Mount Olive Baptist Church.

The plan is for the school to open in 2024, though that timeline is subject to change. The last school to be built in the division, Gainesville High School on the other side of the county, is slated to open later this year. It was built primarily to alleviate overcrowding at Battlefield and Patriot High Schools, but some have said that the need for a new school is also acute on the county’s east side.

Initially, the school division proposed a location off Prince William County Parkway and Hoadly Road near the county government complex, though that location drew some pushback from nearby residents.

The new school would help alleviate overcrowding at eastern Prince William County high schools, particularly Gar-Field, which opened in 1972, and Woodbridge, which moved to its current building in Lake Ridge in 1974.

School Board Chair Babur Lateef said he was limited in what he could say about the location selection because it’s handled in closed session for negotiation purposes.

“There was a lot of pushback [against the Prince William County Parkway location] from the community and there were also concerns about property acquisition there,” Lateef told InsideNoVa. “They look at a variety of different places that suit the need at the time, the first being: where does it need to go? And the second being: is there a good site to put there? There was general consensus that we needed a mid-county or eastern school, and it’s challenging to find property on the eastern side of the county. You need about 100-plus acres for a high school and it’s really challenging to find that.”

Lateef added that it’s technically possible that the school won’t end up at that location if there are any problems acquiring the other properties needed or elsewhere in the process.

“It’s not a foregone conclusion that the school will end up being there because the school will still have to go through the whole process,” he said.

Division staff couldn’t immediately be reached to discuss the location, and there was little information about the future school or its location in the board’s agenda items.

Jared Foretek covers the Manassas area and regional news across Northern Virginia. Reach him at jforetek@insidenova.com



Jared Foretek covers the Manassas area and regional news across Northern Virginia. Reach him at jforetek@insidenova.com

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Deez Nutz

There are no teacher unions in Virginia. Biden is just trying for a 100 day publicity stunt. This guy could care less about kids or teachers. Even less if they are minorities which has been apparent his entire career.


Wait, this cant be right.

PWC just shelled out nearly 3 million to the Travers family supposedly to build a school in a spot to congested so roads will have to be redone, $$$$, on land way to small for a school.

Ahhh, so why do we have numb skulls holding purse strings within the school system and what is the connection between the system, the elected, the red tape specialists and the Travers family?

With all the money PWC tosses out the window, dont we have some savvy independent bulldog to be an overlord on spending who works for us taxpayers and not the grifters in the PWC chain?

Our schools are a mess, our teachers bask in Union dominance while tossing the kids under the bus and ignoring the parents.

The system is broken and this land purchase is just another example of PWC imbecility

Fix Prince William

Hawkeye, good call on the virtual. As much as virtual learning is vilified in this county and nationwide, many students prefer it. And it will prepare them for the online classes they will take in the future.

Before we build another state-of-the-art 150 million dollar school. Why don't we rebuild one of the older schools that's 50 years old and no windows with minimal tech? OR, why don't we invest in technology to make learning more diverse and accessible to working students? Or, here's an idea! How about take that 150 million and put it into vocation and trade!?

Before this School Board just starts turning on the money faucet, hit the breaks, curb development, and fix what we have.

Lance Livestrong

The new schools are incredibly nice. These arent run of the mill cookie-cutter schools anymore, they are like education centers. Very expensive. And The telegraph road location, the road is a one way road up until you hit the commuter lot. But remember, a large warehouse and distribution center is going to be built right down the street from the proposed H.S. location. And right now like I said, they olnly have 1/5 of 100 acres zoned out for this school. That may be enough for the building, never mind the parking, and all of the athletic amenities that take up a mass amount of land.

To be continued, but this will more than likely fall thru as it currently stands.

Stephanie Richardson

OMG......NO!!! The last thing this area needs is more construction and traffic congestion........stop the madness and find another less congested place.

Lance Livestrong

Instead of building the Lidl and the affordable housing project to it down the street on Minnieville Road, they should have planned earlier to acquire that land for a new HS on the eastern side. Thus far, they are only 1/5 of the ways wherer they need to be, if this current site they were only able to acquire 20 acres. They might as well just build a new HS with no athletic amenities to go with it, keep it strictly academic because how are they going to acquire the rest of the land? Further, its a terrible location for a new HS from a traffic congestion standpoint.

The H.S, probably wont even go there, or maybe they shouldnt have made that deal with Gourmet Foods International to build the warehouse down the street, there was probably more acreage on that site for a H.S. Look at all the acres that were needed for the new elementary school behind Chinn. Its a great location, but its a lot of acreage for an elementary school. And they are able to sustain traffic congestion in that area.

More high school students are going to opt for virtual learning as is. So, to be continued but in my opinion, they would have to do away with athletics if this is all the acreage they are going to acquire.

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