Cornwell's Autor Repair located on Dumfries Road in Manassas. (Jeffrey Mankie/for InsideNoVa)

Cornwell’s Texaco in Manassas has been owned by the same family for 66 years. But after today, the mom-and-pop service station across from the Prince William County Fairgrounds comes under new ownership.

"Everybody's getting older and it's time to retire," said Debbie Cornwell as she worked her last shift at the shop opened by her parents before she was born.

Emory Cornwell and his wife Mary built the service station at 10621 Dumfries Road in the summer of 1954. Debbie Cornwell, now in her 60s, and brother Ronnie, who is in his 70s, have been helping run the business since they were children.

Their father died in the 1980s, but their mother worked at station until she was 82. For the last several years, Ronnie Cornwell's son Greg has also been part of the team, working as a mechanic.

The Cornwell's plan to close up shop for the final time this evening, and close with the new ownership on Monday.

Details about the new owner and what they might do with the place weren't available, but Debbie Cornwell said she believes he plans to provide similar service. The station is expected to reopen by early February.

As for the Cornwell siblings, both plan to relax and enjoy some time off.

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Mrs. Silence Dogood

Thank you Ronnie, Greg and Deb and your entire family. 66 hard working years. Heat and Cold. Good times and rough times. We all pray the Lords Blessings on you as you close up shop.

We will miss your great and convenient service! Hope the new owners have as good a run as you. Happy Retirement!


I used to deliver auto parts and oil to the Cornwell's for years and even mowed their land across the road from time to time. Always very respectful and nice. Congrats on the sale. Enjoy Retirement Mr and Mrs Cornwell

Wayne D.

Definitely a landmark for the area. Manassas is changing all the time. Sometimes it's for the better and sometimes it's not. Good luck to the family in retirement

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