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"Prince & Knight" is about a prince who is about to take the throne, but first needs a partner. He meets and falls in love with a knight as they fight a dragon. The men marry at the end.

A Prince William County supervisor is up in arms about a children’s book read at Thurgood Marshall Elementary School last week.

During morning announcements last week, the school’s librarian read “Prince & Knight.”

The story is about a prince who is about to take the throne, but first needs a partner. He meets and falls in love with a knight as they fight a dragon. The men marry at the end.

In a Facebook post, Supervisor Yesli Vega, R-Coles, said she’s “been assisting a Prince William resident and dealing privately with local government officials in regards to the availability of books to our children depicting graphic sexual acts inappropriate for young minds.”

The post includes an email from a parent and photos of the book, but it’s unclear if Vega is specifically referring to “Prince & Knight” when she said “graphic sexual acts.” The book includes no sexual acts, and the men do not share a kiss in the book.

The only intimacy in the book is one image of the prince resting his head in the knight’s lap as they sit in front of a fountain, another of the two holding hands and, at the end, they are holding hands and looking at each other on their wedding day.

Vega’s chief of staff said she was unavailable for an interview this week. Instead, he provided a statement in which she said the reading the book forced an “alternative sexual romance” on children.

Vega said that public schools “don’t exist for left-wing activists to groom students towards a sexual preference.”

In her post, Vega, who is running for U.S. Congress in the 7th District, said the school’s students were “forced to watch and listen to a homosexual romance being read by the school librarian.”

“Student test scores in Prince William County Schools have fallen through the floor yet these are the kinds of things PWCS chooses to focus their and your children’s time on,” Vega’s post says. “The need for parental and student choice in education has never been needed more than it is now. The tax dollars you pay for your children and grandchildren’s education must be allowed to follow them to the school of your choice - not the indoctrination centers that professional liberal activists have turned our government run schools into.”

Vega said parents should have been able to opt out if they had religious or “cultural” concerns about the book.

“These are conversations that should be had in the home with parents,” she said. “The parents of the Commonwealth of Virginia told us loud and clear last fall that they deserve and demand a say in their children’s education and what they’re being taught.”

Marshall Principal Kristin Bock, in an email to parents, said the school focuses on providing “an environment that is inclusive and welcoming for all students.”

She said the book was read in recognition of June as LGBTQ+ Pride Month. Bock said it was “an age-appropriate book that celebrated the bravery of a knight and prince who fight a dragon, marry, and are celebrated with inclusion in their community.”

Bock’s email says that over the weekend “some individuals in our school community expressed concern regarding this book.” Under county regulations, books can be challenged and reviewed.

“While individuals have a right to disagree with the material, intimidation of Marshall staff and insinuated threats against them will not be tolerated,” Bock’s email says. “While we have no reason to believe there is any current threat to our school, we will continue to work with PWCS Risk Management and with law enforcement and report such concerns, as necessary.”

The school declined further comment.

Nolan Stout covers Prince William County. Reach him at or @TheNolanStout on Facebook and Twitter.

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Kermit Robat

“I believe that marriage is the union between a man and a woman. For me as a Christian, it is also a sacred union — God is in the mix." ---Barack Obama, 2008

Frankly, I disagreed with Obama then as I do now, and supported gay marriage long before doing so was politically fashionable. Yet, despite being more open minded and accepting of others than our former president, many on the left would criticize me today for holding the position of not wanting my children exposed to certain sexually related topics in school. They will throw out false equivalencies about widely accepted heterosexual and cis-gender norms and then mindlessly repeat the word bigot until they are blue in the face, ignoring the openly held positions of their leaders just five minutes ago.

This current debate has nothing to do with accepting others. They wouldn't be reading books to our children over the loudspeakers if this were just about accepting others. That was a trial balloon to more extreme indoctrination to follow. This is about using schools and every other government institution as a weapon to drive a wedge between parents, their children and our community institutions, all in the name of pushing a vile leftist gender ideology. It will not stop with just an innocent gay kiss and will quickly move onto more damaging topics like gender identity. This is not hyperbole as NYC public schools have recently spent $250K on drag queen story hours, and that is far from the only such anecdote.

My recommendations for all conservatives (and moderates and former democrats) who find this all very concerning.

(1) Vote. In every election, especially your school board elections.

(2) Go to meetings and voice your opinions. Be civil but be heard.

(3) Support conservative or apolitical alternatives, wherever they might be found in our culture.

You can start by buying a copy of 'Johnny the Walrus' and donate it to your school, church or local public library. Speaking of gender theory experts, Matt Walsh's documentary 'What is a Woman' is excellent.

The 2022 and 2024 election cycles are going to be a moment of reckoning for democrats. Let us make sure our voices are heard. Until then, to all the men out there with children, Happy Fathers Day!

Tim David

“While we have no reason to believe there is any current threat to our school, we will continue to work with PWCS Risk Management and with law enforcement and report such concerns, as necessary.” - This is the subtle, passive-aggressive way that they try to tell you "shut up, this is none of your business. If you persist in wanting a say in your child's education, we'll report you as a domestic terrorist to the Department of Justice". Stay strong parents. You know you're over the target when they start accusing you of violence that you have neither committed nor implied.

Casey Avatar

Just like the article said, VA voters spoke last November to put a stop to specific cultural decision making when it comes to their child's learning in public schools without their consent. What gives anyone the right in ANY public school system to introduce children to this material without a parents consent? The school boards simply are not listening to the message that was sent and their actions clearly show it. Consequence of action must be taken and it's up to parents to push this issue to make sure school boards get the message else be removed. If I was a parent of school age children I would be quite upset about it because if they are teaching this type of culture, what other culture are they teaching without consent? And all the while the RRR's grades continue to fall while astonishingly enough standards are also being lowered to hide the fact they are failing because it's much, much easier and fun to teach a child about queer people in what use to be heterosexual fairy tales than teach fractions!

John Dutko

We should be teaching the children not to trust people in positions of power. Data shows that children are more likely to be assaulted by members of the clergy, relatives, and counselors than random homosexuals.

Sacagawea Lax

Excellent points,

John, what is a good, basic approach though to your "not trusting people in positions of power" claim? Children are always under the presumption that the adult is in charge. It would require some methodical parenting and reinforcement on an occasional basis for children to understand that young adults older than them and/or adults are Not to be trusted ever. It's an important point your making none the less and one that would help a child be more aware.

Sacagawea Lax

A lot of times it's the parents themselves blindly trusting their children with people in power, because the parents trust these people themselves.

Larry Lyons

So if a parent believes in Creatinism, sorry Creationism, and the school teaches evolution, the parent would have the right to have that cancelled from the curriculum? What about teaching that the earth revolves around the Sun if the parent thinks otherwise? What about the Bible, if that is taught in schools, why not the Quran or even the Satanic Bible?

As for School Boards, you voted them in. The great Conservative Edmund Burke Said ​“Your representative owes you, not his industry only, but his judgement; and he betrays you instead of serving you if he sacrifices it to your opinion.” –Edmund Burke, Speech to the Electors of Bristol, November 3, 1774


so sad this has to happen in our school system glad im not a parent someone would be getting sued

John Dutko

You have no case.

Paul Benedict

I think the school should have a story read where the hero uses her 2nd Amendment rights to defend herself from an attack. Or, maybe a story where a young woman is talked out of killing her unwanted fetus and it is adopted by loving childless couple. Those stories shouldn't upset anybody.

John Dutko

I agree with the 2nd Amendment book. But it should be a picture book with gunshot victims. Hell, make it an audiobook so you can hear the deathrattle and exhalation a body makes.

That shouldn’t upset anyone.

Sacagawea Lax

Keepin 'em honest.

Larry Lyons

Right and how about a loving slave owner in 1850 southern Virginia? You'd probably agree to that as well.

Dennis Coyle

My husband and I have been together for nearly 24 years and legally married for 14 this month. We have a niece who grew up in Prince William. She was 6 when we got married. I held her when s he was 20 minutes old (she's on my husband's side). She's 20 now. She's known all about her two uncles her entire life. She's also straight. I'm sure she's not the only kid in PW with two married aunts or uncles. Or same-sex parents. And one children's book is what they're focused on?

Larry Lyons

I suspect that there is a lot of projection when it comes to those who vehemently object.

John Dutko

A review of heterosexual books needs to be done. Those books can lead to unwanted pregnancies, unrealistic relationship expectations, and toxic male fantasies.

Charlie Gabriel

Absolutely! They've been '"shoving the" cishet "lifestyle down our throats", to borrow a phrase, for years. Turnabout is fair play.

Albert Allen

“While individuals have a right to disagree with the material, intimidation of Marshall staff and insinuated threats against them will not be tolerated,” Bock’s email says.

I would like to see evidence of the “insinuated threats.” FOIA anyone?

Paul Benedict

This is a common tactic of the vile left. In reality, children face a much higher risk of intimidation, violence and sexual abuse from school employees than the risk of intimidation school employees face from parents. You only have to read the news articles on InsideNova to know that is true.

Larry Lyons

Evidence Paul? As conservative writer Christopher Hitchens said " "what can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence." You present a lot of words but nothing supporting your comments. FWIW children are also at greater risk from pastors and youth ministers,

Paul Benedict

Do you not get out much? DOJ is targeting concerned parents and calling them domestic terrorists. Loudoun schools went after an upset father of a sexually assaulted girl when he got mad after the Superintendent lied that there had been no sexual attacks in the school district. There are many more and you know it, but you are purposely acting ignorant. Also, by no definition could Christopher Hitchens be describes as a conservative writer. He was a Marxist and an atheist. But he was one thing that today's Liberals are not. he was mostly honest and consistent in his beliefs.

John Dutko


You still didnt provide proof.

You gave word salad.

Sacagawea Lax

Larry Lyons

You mean like that parent in Page county who was going to bring a couple of handguns to the school over her objects to the curriculum? Thing is threats are threats. And this has been organized, so calling it domestic terrorism is accurate. After all nearly all the ideologically related murders in the last 10 years have been done by right wingers. Even your own Daily Caller agreed to that:

Larry Lyons

Briebart? Seriously? Theyre as bad as Infowars. And another media outlet that has no qualms about selectively editing video and audio. You'll have to do better than that cesspit,

John Dutko

Children are more likely to be abused by relatives and close relations. That needs to be taught to kids.

Larry Lyons

Research going back to the early 1990's and replicated a number of times show that homophobia (like what's been shown here) is the result of same sex arousal that has been either deliberately suppressed or denied, Before spewing hatred the next time, it may be a good idea to examine the source. I am sure that many here would be surprised.

George Lawton

Larry, I get you’re a lunatic, but I’d highly suggest seeking some form of professional psychological help.

Larry Lyons

So typical of right wingers. When they cannot adequately address an argument or have run out of ideas, or never had any in the first place, they start with insults and invectives, Thank you for the demonstration.

And BTW sunshine I have a PhD in Experimental Psychology with a focus on Cognition and Neuroscience. I've also been certified in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, trained under the originator of the therapy, Albert Ellis, So I figure I know what I am talking about,

BTW how many studies do you want me to cite? This research has been conducted in different labs and in different nations. So it is a pretty solid set of research results. Most likely it is a fair estimate of what has been found in the population in general

So given your reaction, why are you so upset? Is there something you want to tell us?

Duke Nukem

You must be pretty busy around these parts, Dr. Lyons.

Kermit Robat


Speaking as an expert psychologist, can you tell me what type of a person feels the need to post his resume in the comments section of an InsideNova article?

"So typical of right wingers. When they cannot adequately address an argument or have run out of ideas, or never had any in the first place, they start with insults and invectives, Thank you for the demonstration."

Apparently self-awareness is a difficult concept to master, even for an expert in the field of psychology.

Larry Lyons

I posted my creds because of Mr. lawton's comments questioning them. I happen to know a bit about this area.

Larry Lyons

@kermit, OK exactly how is calling someone a right winger insulting, it is merely pointing out their political leanings. Tell me where I called someone stupid, or crazy like some here,

Kermit Robat


George did not question your credentials. He used a childish slight to question your judgement. To state what I hope you will accept as obvious, the comment was unfair and frankly reflected worse upon the author than it did on you.

Be that as it may, how did the expert psychologist respond to the childish personal slight? By articulating the finer points of his curriculum vitae, of course. Not an act of lunacy, but it still leaves you with the feeling that something is just a bit off. As an aside, I will mention that you are not the first person I've seen do that in the InsideNova comments section, though both were liberals with a Ph.D. Interesting data points, even if the small sample size and experimental selection bias preclude any sweeping judgements.

As for the lacking self awareness, I stand by that. You reinforced it by asserting that you called George a "right winger". While technically accurate - yes, you said it and yes, he's a right winger (so am I for that matter) - it doesn't take the 37 words that you wrote, which I quoted, to call someone a right winger. A lot more beyond your assessment of George's political leanings was being communicated there.

George Lawton

Shameful and utterly disgusting

Larry Lyons

That is a pretty good description of your hysterical reactions,

Janet Smith

PW is a social, economic, political, environmental mess. But all the Media can do is look for feuds, controversies, criminal activities, and the antics of various special interests to feature.

Paul Benedict

It's not good enough for Prince William schools to be tolerant, they choose instead to be in your face with their ideology and purposely try to interfere with parents trying to raise their kids. And then Ms. Bock has the nerve to indirectly threaten people who might not like what she has done. This is why Youngkin was elected Governor. This is why many African Americans and Hispanics are abandoning the Democratic Party.

Larry Lyons

So let me guess Paul, you would also object to books featuring blacks or other minorities as well.

Paul Benedict

You guessed wrong Larry.

Larry Lyons

What I am curious about is why you're so upset about this. Is there something you want to tell us?

Tim David

Classic strawman argument. Accuse someone of something they neither implied or explicitly said, and then demonize them for it. It won't work Larry. You obviously have no intelligent point to make or you would have done so instead of resorting to this tactic. Nothing in Paul's statement indicated any animus (use your thesaurus), towards minorities, so you scored no points with that accusation. What is at the heart of all of this are adults who, for some reason, seem to want to discuss matters of sexuality with little children. And there is a word for that. It is called grooming. Now, why would adults want to groom small children? I don't know of any good reason for that. How about leaving these types of discussions to the parents? Or is that too radical a concept?

Ron Hilton

As a parent that had a student that went to Marshall, I'm extremely disappointed in Dr. Bock. Everyone knew that considering today's political climate, the act of reading a homosexual book would be provocative. Completely irresponsible of her to sacrifice the kids under her instruction just to become props in a bid to grab headlines and the praises of the mob. She was a great principal...sad to see her allow this at a great elementary school.

Comment deleted.
Comment deleted.
Sacagawea Lax

Brad London

This stuff shouldn't be in schools for young kids. It's more of the far left indoctrination.

Larry Lyons

So Brad a question, when did you decide you were straight. Research shows that even young children have at least some idea of their sexual orientation. But hey them's scientific results, something you nutters think are mere opinion, instead of reality.

Tom Manson

Republicans love to use the 'grooming' attack, in their usual course of projection. Books like this normalize gay relationships, as they should. They don't encourage preference. No child hearing or reading this book is going to suddenly decide to change preference.

Another culture war distraction from a useless supervisor.

George Lawton

It’s not normal.

Larry Lyons

So George what is normal? Serious question here. The fact is that your answer will illuminate quite a lot about you. That homosexuality exists in all mammalian species, including humans and has probably always existed. The earliest written evidence has been in records dating back to 2400 BCE – Khnumhotep and Niankhkhnum are believed to be the first recorded same-sex couple in history. Moreover there is archaeological evidence going back to the late Neolithic,

I could go on, but my point is homosexuality is a normal expression of humanity. As much as heterosexuality is. Although the reasons may be too subtle for some.

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