Harvey Coleman

Harvey Coleman

A 33-year-old man has been charged with two felonies for the shooting Saturday evening inside the Food Star, 5521 Leesburg Pike in the Falls Church area.

Officers were called to the store at 6:43 p.m. by Harvey Coleman, of Arlington, after he reported to have shot someone in self-defense, Fairfax County police said in a news release.

Officers found the victim, an adult man, inside the store suffering a gunshot wound to the upper body. Officers rendered aid until fire and rescue personnel arrived and took the man to a nearby hospital. The man remains hospitalized with injuries, now deemed not life threatening, police said.

Detectives determined both men were patrons inside the store. The victim had a brief interaction with Coleman, who then brandished a firearm, according to police.

"The victim took a fighting stance and Coleman shot the man," the release said.

No additional weapons were recovered from the scene.

"Following several interviews and the review of surveillance footage, detectives have charged Coleman with malicious wounding and the use of a firearm in the commission of a felony," the release said.

He was arrested Wednesday and held on a secure bond. Coleman was in lawful possession of the firearm, the release said.

Detectives would like anyone who has information about this incident to call the Major Crimes Bureau at 703-246-7800, option 2.


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Phil Bellom

Do stupid things, win the prize...This guy will go up river to stay in the big house with bubba as a room mate. No loss to society..

Comment deleted.
Robert Segall

"This all comes from 35 years of a "culture" of misogyny, violence, abuse, and hate tolerated by the 1% (about 3.3 million) who control everything"

"I shop where the VIPs who own the local media outlets live and shop"

So you support the people who tolerate and enable hate? Wow dude...talk about living a twisted life with no morals.

Robert Segall

Repeal the 2nd amendment. We don't need guns this isn't the 1700's or the wild west anymore.

John Dutko

No. People are entitled to muskets. Bring back dueling.

Aaron Burr did nothing wrong.

Harry Morant

We ALL know Johnny is joking, of course (lamely I might add)! The PEOPLE are entitled to the same firepower as the Governments that work for them. The 2nd Amendment is about THE PEOPLES' RIGHT to defend themselves from a Tyrannical government, as well as the RIGHT to personal Self-Defense granted by God and Nature.

John Dutko

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

No mention of self-defense anywhere. No mention of individuals. Nothing about repelling tyrannical governments.

Coming from a Federalist viewpoint where the EXACT wording not the IMPLIED takes precedence, y'all are pretty hypocritical in this aspect.

Harry Morant

It can be argued that the Wild West was NOT as wild as the TV & Movies make it out to be. But with our governments trying to de-fund the police, and releasing recently caught criminals right back out onto the street to commit more violent crimes (often THE SAME DAY), right NOW is the perfect time to be armed for SELF-DEFENSE. The Police are under NO obligation to “protect or serve” you. When SECONDS count, the Police are MINUTES away. Click-CLICK!

Harry Morant

But, he seems so nice?

Janet Smith

These incidents keep occurring because the media profit from sensational news which generates more sensational news. BTW, people who qualify for concealed carry permits are not supposed to get into altercations with unarmed persons which turn into fights.

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