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Keith Ball

A man wanted for trying to grab a Target store employee as she walked to her car in the Stafford Market Place parking lot earlier this month has been arrested.

The abduction attempt happened Oct. 1 about 4:20 p.m. outside the North Stafford store. The employee reported that a stranger ran up to her, grabbed her and started pulling her toward the sidewalk, Stafford County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Sarah Maroney said.

The victim began pushing away from the suspect and she was able to escape to her vehicle.

Deputy B.E. Vaughn investigated the case and identified the suspect as Keith Ball, 48, of Stafford, Maroney said. Warrants for Ball’s arrest were obtained for the charges of abduction and assault.

On Sunday at  2:17 p.m., Deputy R.M. Connelly spotted Ball in the 3000 block of Jefferson Davis Highway and was aware Ball had outstanding warrants. Upon seeing the deputy, Ball fled on foot, Maroney said.

The deputy gave chase and took Ball into custody. The deputy noticed Ball smelled of alcoholic beverages. He was charged with obstruction of justice, fleeing from law enforcement, and public intoxication, Maroney said. He was also served the outstanding warrants for abduction and assault.

Ball was held at the Rappahannock Regional Jail without bond.


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Congratulations to the deputies who got this creep off the streets before he really hurt somebody. A quick internet search and you can see this guy is probably the worst person in the entire county of Stafford. Hopeful they charge him with a major felony and he is locked up for the rest of his life.


They should have just called in a social worker to see what his real issues are and talked to him.


Applaud you for a respectable comment. One we can agree on.

Wake Up & Smell The Coffee!

Let’s hope our judicial system handles this case appropriately.

Lawson is clueless

Great work by the Stafford Sheriffs department. Hopefully,he will learn a lesson from his arrest.

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