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Annaburg, the Manassas house named for Robert Portner’s wife, Anna, had 35 rooms and electricity. It was built between 1892 and 1894 at a cost of $150,000. Photo submitted

Manassas is buying historic Annaburg Manor and the land surrounding it for use as parkland.

City officials say the mayor and city council have agreed to terms to buy the building and 3.65 acres from Prince William Hospital Corporation for $846,000.

“This purchase will provide parkland for city residents, an opportunity for an interested non-profit to restore Annaburg Manor and provide for the funds spent to be kept in the City of Manassas community,” Manassas officials said in a news release.

There is a 60-day due diligence period for Manassas to assess the physical condition of the site and building.

The land will become home to the city’s 16th park, and city officials plan to help establish a non-profit foundation for restoring the 35-room Annaburg Manor. The mansion was used a nursing home from the 1960s through 2007 by Prince William Hospital and later Novant Health UVA Health System’s Prince William Center.

The mansion was built by Robert Portner in 1862 and is one of the first homes ever equipped with mechanical air conditioning, something Portner invented.

“This beautiful piece of land will make a great addition to the city’s parkland,” Mayor Harry J. Parrish II said in the news release. “On a beautiful day, I can see children playing in the park, folks taking a break from the day in this space and even an occasional wedding or event taking place here.”

As part of the agreement, the Prince William Hospital Corporation will provide a challenge donation of $75,000 to a charitable non-profit foundation to be established to preserve, renovate, repair and maintain Annaburg Manor. The foundation will have three years to raise matching funds.

"Novant Health UVA Health System is proud to continue its partnership with the City of Manassas in serving our community as one of the largest employers and a provider of quality healthcare services to residents," said Steve Danziger, chairman, Prince William Hospital Board of Trustees. "We listened to community sentiment that this beautiful and significant property not be used for a future healthcare facility.”

Further agreement was reached that proceeds from this sale will be used by the hospital to fund health care programs or services that will benefit the community, including Manassas residents.

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