Theresa Coates Ellis

Theresa Coates Ellis

Manassas City Council member Theresa Coates Ellis is throwing her hat into the already crowded ring for the Republican primary in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District.

Coates Ellis becomes the sixth person to vie for the nomination to challenge Rep. Jennifer Wexton for the seat in 2022, joining Prince William County Supervisor Jeanine Lawson, Loudoun County School Board Member John Beatty and three others.

In a statement announcing her candidacy Thursday, Coates Ellis said she would “continue to fight against higher taxes and wasteful spending. I pledge to protect our freedoms and defend our constitutional rights that we are ALL granted.”

She could not immediately be reached by InsideNoVa for comment.

Coates Ellis, the lone remaining Republican on the Manassas City Council, most recently lost her bid for mayor to Democrat Michelle Davis-Younger. Elected to the council in 2018, she would have to defend her seat again in 2022 in a city that’s become increasingly difficult for Republicans to win in.

Wexton took the 10th District in 2018, easily defeating incumbent Republican Barbara Comstock with 56.1% of the vote. Last year, she defended the seat with 56.5% of the vote against Republican Aliscia Andrews.

In the city, Ellis runs Tackle Management Corp., the communications and marketing company she started. To no avail, she voted last year to lower the city’s real estate tax rate in an effort to keep bills flat for homeowners amid rising assessments. More recently, she celebrated her successful effort to make Manassas a member of Bee City USA with the city’s first Bee Festival. A graduate of George Mason University, she also serves on the Manassas Regional Airport Commision.

“We must act with common sense to provide resources to our schools and teachers to maintain safety while providing our children with the high quality education they deserve. Our children will not be left behind; they are our greatest natural resource,” she said in the statement.

Jared Foretek covers the Manassas area and regional news across Northern Virginia. Reach him at



Jared Foretek covers the Manassas area and regional news across Northern Virginia. Reach him at

(7) comments

Henry Howell

Coates-Ellis or anyone of GQP affiliation can't win VA-10, Northern Virginia is a deep ocean of blue, this isn't the Northern Virginia of 10 years ago, demographically it has changed permanently it's more educated and more liberal in its leanings remember Loudoun which voted red as recently as 2014, voted for Biden by 25 points. No Republican win the 10th without Loudoun. Youngkin is so far behind he is trying to subvert democracy by kicking Terry McAuliffe off the ballot.

Lynne June

We’ve got to get Wexton out of that seat. Whether it’s a Republican or Democrat challenger. She is weak.

George Lawton

Jared, wow…you wrote a political article without smearing the republican candidate. Impressive, actual non biased journalism is a good thing.

Matt LaFramboise

Yes, did a great job at highlighting the real purpose of the GOP: Hide in the sand and refuse to govern

David Walters

Yea Democrats have a great record running most of our inner cities. Now they want to govern Main Street? LMAO.

John Dutko

Rich people don't want to live on Main Street.

Brad London

Matt you really need to open your eyes. Every democrat "led" city is a total disaster. Chicago is a war zone with gun violence out of control. The mayor is a total loser who blames everyone but herself. Little black kids are getting killed regularly. Democrats and BLM could care less. Similarly stories in NYC, Baltimore, Atlanta, Detroit, San Francisco etc. All are democrat cities. It's time to vote for real leadership and that excludes any democrats who ruin everything they touch.

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