An 82-year-old Manassas woman died early Monday after being hit by a car as she walked on Hoadly Road near Ridgefield Village Drive. The case is Prince William County's second pedestrian fatality within three days.

Police were called to the scene mid-county at 4:38 a.m. after a 66-year-old Woodbridge man driving a 2016 Volkswagen Beetle east on Hoadly Road "struck a pedestrian who was wearing dark clothing and walking in the roadway outside of a crosswalk," Prince William County police 1st Sgt. Jonathan Perok said.

The driver remained at the scene and was taken to an area hospital for precautionary reasons, Perok said.

Officers attempted CPR on the pedestrian, Alice L. Fouchea, until rescue arrived, but she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Neither speed nor impairment appear to be factors in the collision, Perok said.

Investigators are asking anyone who may have witnessed this crash to contact police.

On Saturday, a 35-year-old Dumfries woman died after she was hit by a van on Prince William Parkway outside Manassas.

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CarWash Bonzai

I passed the scene of this accident. Like said below, Hoadly is a DANGEROUS road to walk on. The location of the accident was much towards the mosque and I see several people on a daily basis J-walking so they can get to the other side of the road. The county needs to put a traffic light at that mosque with a crosswalk for pedestrians to safely cross.

Allen Muchnick

It would be odd for anyone, much less an 82-year-old, to be walking on Hoadly Road at 4:38 am, but Hoadly Road is a very dangerous road to cross.

Hoadly Road has a 50 MPH posted speed limit, few streetlights, and only ONE signalized crossing between the Prince William Pkwy and Dale Blvd/Purcell Rd.

Furthermore, only the southern leg of Hoadly Road's intersection with Ridgefield Village Dr/Galveston Ct has a pedestrian crossing signal, coupled with a (nearly invisible) marked crosswalk.

Due to Hoadly Road's abysmal pedestrian infrastructure, anyone who would ever need to cross *any* segment of Hoadly Road as a pedestrian would almost certainly do so "outside of a marked crosswalk". While the County keeps approving new development along the corridor, the awful pedestrian infrastructure remains ignored for decades.

Paul Benedict

I agree with you, this time. And as you say the time of this accident is odd. But another pedestrian was killed here a year or so ago. It is a dangerous stretch of road for pedestrians.

The county approved townhomes near this area knowing there was no easy way to cross Hoadly to get to stores and businesses. And I know some of the residents do not have vehicles, or even a bile like you like to champion. Poor planning.

Rather than fixing existing problems it seems our BOS is more interested in creating false flag racist boogeymen and in making donors happy by approving more and never ending data centers.

Bonita Cubow

An 82-year old woman walking after dark/middle of the night in dark clothing & not in a crosswalk?? Sorry, but this time it's the DRIVER who needs all our sympathy.

Michelle Wyatt

You have obviously never had an elderly parent who has gotten out and roamed around. Dementia does that. My mom was one, and the few times she got out we were distraught until we found her safe. I pray you never face that with an elderly parent. Smh

Dick Grayson

Should have had round the clock care, but still sad! Sooner rather than later one of these beggars at every intersection will get killed and blood will be on BOCS and PWPD hands

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