Marine Corps Base Quantico is located 35 miles south of Washington, D.C., in Prince William County. It can be reached from exits 148 (South Entrance) and 150-A (North Entrance, Main Gate), just off Interstate 95. 

Marine Corps Base Quantico is partnering with Prince William County Thursday to conduct a full-scale exercise on the base that will simulate a train derailment.

The exercise, which is expected to be the largest conducted at Quantico in more than a decade, will test the ability of the base and Prince William County to react and work together in a multi-faceted emergency that affects the base and local community, according to a news release.

“This exercise is one of a kind,” Jason Terry, the exercise director and emergency operations manager for Marine Corps Base Quantico, said in the release. “The amount of planning and coordination that went into this exercise beginning last summer has been great and has already allowed Quantico and Prince William County to build what is already a strong partnership."

According to Terry, the exercise also speaks to the importance that both Quantico and Prince William County place on readiness and working together through any emergency. Having a shared understanding of emergency operation tactics, techniques and procedures enhances both the partnership and emergency response capabilities of Prince William County and Quantico, according to the release.

“This exercise will further help us shore up best practices and increase confidence in saying we, as a base and community, are prepared to respond to any emergency,” said Terry.

Brian Misner, the exercise director and emergency management coordinator for Prince William County, said the county is excited for the event.

“This exercise provides a realistic hands-on scenario for our first responders, emergency operations personnel and regional partners to test our mass casualty and family reunification procedures," Misner said in the release.

As part of the exercise, local residents from around the base and surrounding community wil be assisting as role players.


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Fake Commenter

Train derailment exercise? What timing. Right after 30 tons of ammonium nitrate goes missing from a railcar and Senators were issued emergency satellite telephones. Get ready for something. No such thing as a coincidence with the feds.

Swamp Thing

Remember how they can't(won't) find who planted the pipe bomb on J5? Meanwhile dems in congress are protecting the FBI and the J6 instigators. That's reason enough to know they're corrupt and a wing of the (not) democrat party influencing elections.

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