Marine Corps Marathon

A past event. Courtesy Marine Corps Marathon

The Marine Corps Marathon has been canceled for the second year in a row.

The 2021 MCM Weekend events scheduled for Friday, Oct. 29 through Sunday, Oct. 31 in Arlington and the nation’s capital, have been canceled "due to security and safety precautions currently in place," marathon organizers said in a news release.

They did not elaborate on exactly what safety and security precautions impacted the decision. The marathon was canceled last year due to the pandemic.

“After exhausting all possibilities, the opportunity to safely operate and execute a live event is just not feasible at this time,” said Rick Nealis, director of Marine Corps Marathon Organization.

The 46th running of "The People’s Marathon" will be held virtually instead.

“The 46th Marine Corps Marathon is now a virtual event. We are excited and look forward to seeing the results of your hard work and dedication over the past year,” said Col. Michael L. Brooks, commanding officer of Marine Corps Installations National Capital Region – Marine Corps Base Quantico. “Although we were not able to conduct a live event for 2021, we trust that each of you understand that safety for you and our great support team took priority. As Marines, we are trained to adapt and overcome, and this is a great test of your ability to adapt and overcome all things this year has presented. I ask that you run hard and with purpose, and finish strong! Be safe everyone! Semper Fi!”

Runners currently in the live MCM, MCM10K and MCM50K categories have the option to:

  • Receive a virtual entry to the distance of the same race.
  • Receive a full registration refund.
  • Defer entry to 2022 at no additional fee.
  • Further instructions and a link to the registration change form will be sent to the e-mail address provided by participants during registration.

The virtual MCM Weekend events including the MCM, MCM50K and MCM10K must be completed between Oct. 1 and Nov. 10 - the Marine Corps Birthday. All participants will receive via mail the corresponding participant shirt, commemorative patch, bib and finisher medal. Runners will also have access to an online event program, personalized finisher certificate and several digital engagement platforms. 

The 47th MCM Weekend is scheduled for Oct. 28-30, 2022.

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Paul Benedict

I bet this decision was made by General Milley.

Duke Nukem

It's easy being a Democrat. No consequences. I wonder if there is a vindman in the robinet administration who can tell us about Mileys calls with china. Of course vindman has no problem with it. It took several years for prosecutors to get around to charging sussmann. Seriously, with a name like that it should have been much quicker. Too late. The real target is Mark Elias. If by some miracle elias ends up where he belongs then I will have hope for the country but I doubt it. Sussman may just be a fall guy.

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