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Fort Belvoir 

Fort Belvoir has dropped its mask mandate for military, civilian employees, onsite contractors and visitors, the base announced Wednesday.

The move comes after recent changes to Department of Defense masking policy and current Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance that puts Fairfax County at a low COVID-19 community transmission level.

The policy applies regardless of vaccination status.

Individuals may choose to wear a mask regardless of COVID-19 community transmission level, the base said.

Fort Belvoir child development centers will continue with their current masking policy.

Under new CDC guidelines, a community's transmission levels are low if the seven-day total of new COVID cases is under 200 per per 100,000 population with a low percentage of staffed inpatient beds occupied by COVID-19 patients.

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Duke Nukem

Democrats want the children to grow up to be subservient to the government and the politicians. Just like how they trotted out the kids for BLM protests. I wonder if any of you who donated to BLM think your money was well spent? Basically only children have to wear masks now and they are the least vulnerable.

John Dutko

Dude, this is the Army. Do you want people to question orders when you have to take the hill?

Mask mandates are slowly being lifted. Chill the F out. Go find another topic to gripe about. Maybe transgender bathrooms or whatever fear-based fictional phobia you can dream up.

Harry Morant

Come on Duke! Like Johnny said, they have to condition the children, brainwash them, how else are you going to get children to stand still and be human shields for our brave Army men?

Harry Morant

There is NO REASON to keep the children masked. That is straight up child abuse.

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