Shaun Reid, photo from Reid Funeral Home website

Dumfries officials have revoked a D.C.-area funeral operator’s business licensing after inspectors found evidence he was embalming remains at his office on Acts Lane.

Shaun Reid, owner of Reid Funeral Homes, was indicted earlier this year in Prince George’s County, Maryland, on charges of theft and forging death certificates.

Authorities allege Reid gave the wrong remains to two families and provided death certificates without being licensed as a funeral director.

Reid obtained a commercial occupancy license in the Town of Dumfries in September 2017, with the town allowing for limited services, including funeral arrangements with families, casket selection and office work.

The license did not allow for any funeral services, Mayor Derrick Wood said Friday.

Reid used the occupancy license to obtain a Virginia funeral establishment license, then added refrigeration to the office and embalmed bodies on site, Wood said.

"We have been informed and confirmed by state investigator that embalming is being conducted and performed," the town wrote in a letter to Reid in September. "Inspector John Dolan conducted an inspection and plastic bags were discovered on property with embalming fluid (arterial fluid) and other evidence of this activity."

Town officials sent Reid several cease-and-desist letters then revoked his license in early December.

The mayor said now it’s just a matter of removing the funeral home’s signage, which should be complete today.

Reid could not immediately be reached for comment Friday morning.


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