Mike Allers House of Delegates candidate

Mike Allers Jr., who lives in Manassas, announced his candidacy for the 50th District House of Delegates seat on Tuesday, Oct. 20. 

Mike Allers Jr., a teacher and political commentator, announced Tuesday he plans to seek the Republican nomination for the Manassas-based 50th District House of Delegates seat.

The seat is currently held by Democrat Lee Carter, who was elected in 2017 and re-elected last year.   

Allers, 28, will be making his first run for political office. He has taught pre-kindergarten in Orange County, as well as fourth and fifth grade in Petersburg and is currently an elementary school teacher in Sterling.  He lives with his wife in Manassas.

“As a teacher, I know directly how Richmond impacts not only our kids, but our teachers as well. Let’s face it- pay for teachers isn’t competitive in Virginia. More people are moving out of this state, than moving in ... and parents have to decide whether to put food on the table, or pay for child care.... I couldn’t just sit back and watch this happen. I had to do something," Allers said in an online video announcing his candidacy.

In 2019, Allers Jr. joined the center-right blog Bearing Drift, where he provides political commentary and hosts a podcast.

All 100 seats in the Virginia House of Delegates will be up for election in November 2021.  The major political parties will choose their candidates in the spring. 

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Rob Schneider

Speak of the 50th, I'm curious to see if Mark Wolfe challenges Lee Carter in the Dem primary again...


Lee Carter is a loser of epic proportions.


Democrat Lee Carter? More like Communist Lee Carter. This guy wants to destroy Virginia as a right to work state and turn us into Venezuela.

John Dutko

Why is it always Venezuela? Why not China who is an emerging superpower that manufactures nearly all the goods in the world, poses a threat to US hegemony, or uses their soft power to negotiate policy without overt threats?

I bet nobody knows how Venezuela got to where they are today. They just parrot what they see on Fox without opening a book.

Jack Print

I'll take that bet. It's "always Venezuela" because Venezuela is the most recent country to turn Communist. In doing so, it changed from a vibrant democracy with a strong economy to a Communist country in which large percentages of the population have literally starved to death. Plus, it is in our own hemisphere with a culture much closer to our own than China, which turned Communist in 1949, before many readers were even born.

Hugo Chavez was democratically elected and ushered communism into the country; Maduro continued it. They fired the knowledgeable people who ran the oil industry, and the incompetent government decided to run it (and all industries) themselves. The economy under the two has been utterly devastated in a short period of time. Hyperinflation naturally followed, and even a loaf of bread became unaffordable, so people have quite literally starved to death there.

Since China was Communist before most of us were born, we cannot see a lesson in their failings. But Venezuela destroyed itself right under our noses and as we watched. A lesson for all of us to avoid communism like the plague. It ALWAYS fails.

Henry Howell

You really don't understand what Socialism or Communism means. Venezuela's primary issues derive from Authoritarianism Socialism, which is different from Social Democracy which is what the left in the US wants, that and some aspects of Democratic Socialism are WIDESPREAD in the West, and countries like the UK, Canada, and other nations have been lead by these policies leading to much greater success than the U.S.

China is a state CAPITALIST nation and long abandoned authoritarianism and planned economies on the road to communism. Venezuela is a petrostate, lead by an authoritarian who leads a planned economy. This is not what the left in the US seeks to emulate


"Center-right blog Bearing Drift", bwahaha, Bearing Left is the home of apologist supporters of former establishment Republicans like Cantor and Bolling. Bearing Left is nothing but a forum and echo chamber for whiners that didn't get their way.

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