Haymarket mixed use development map

Haymarket mixed use development map

A big mixed-use development is coming near Haymarket.

During its meeting Tuesday, the Prince William Board of County Supervisors unanimously approved a rezoning request by Haymarket Town Center LLC to change 8.5 acres at the intersection of Antioch Road and John Marshall Highway (Va. 55) from agricultural to office mid-rise use.

According to a staff report, the developer wants to build two hotels with 100 rooms each, a restaurant at 7,600 square feet and an office building at 3,000 square feet.

The property, about six-tenths of a mile west of the Haymarket town limits, was valued for tax purposes at $482,800 in 2021, according to online real estate records. It is designated in the Comprehensive Plan for a community employment center and is in the development area.

The development will have two entrances off John Marshall Highway with dedicated right-turn lanes, one at Rose Ellene Lane and another at the middle of the parcel. Left turns will not be allowed out of the latter entrance. 

At the site, John Marshall Highway will be widened to three lanes, with two eastbound lanes and one westbound lane separated by a median.

Three people spoke during a public hearing before the vote.

One of them, Gina Allen-Thomas, said she was concerned about safety in the area and requested increased police presence.

“I’m not against development, but I need security,” she said.

A cultural resources report indicates possible troop movements through the property occurred during the Civil War. Union and Confederate troops moved through the area in August 1862, engaging in small battles along the way ahead of the Second Battle of Bull Run. Union Maj. Gen. Irvin McDowell’s secretary wrote of troops moving from a mill west of Haymarket to near the town and later Gainesville ahead of the battle.

The developer has agreed to add interpretive signage with content from the Historical Commission about the battlefields and skirmishes related to the property. The amount of historical information and space has been increased from the initial proposal.

The signage will be at the corner of the property near the intersection of Va. 55 and Antioch Road.

Nolan Stout covers Prince William County. Reach him at nstout@insidenova.com or @TheNolanStout on Facebook and Twitter.


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Whodat Ninja

Who are you shilling for or what interest do you have in seeing this development go forward? The grand visions and carefully crafted advertisement reek of special interest. Adding two hotels and a restaurant to an already strained 66 exit which contains Walmart and Home Depot will add a minimum of 20+ min to all traffic on 15. The intersection of John Marshall Highway and Route 15 will become legendary for suburban congestion. The commuter traffic already gets so bad that it bleeds off onto adjoining routes, just ask the homeowners and commuters. Visitors from the hotel are going to wander down Antioch Rd., which is undivided, narrow, extreme curves, large trees inches from road, and super dangerous especially at night. A few die every year as it is. They will have to ban bicycles on Antioch Rd if this goes forward as well. Hundreds of weekend bicyclist that come from miles to ride down Antioch Rd will end up getting run into the ditches or worse by the hundreds of lost motorists every day.

John Sebastian

Hotels make sense for this area, you have an age-restricted community right across the street, the hospital across 66, and I know they want to build another age-restricted community next to the hospital further west on Heathcote. I can envision folks visiting parents/grandparents or someone in the hospital and needing a place to stay, and right now the closest places are either in Gainesville or Manassas.

One thing I always wish they did though was build some kind of pedestrian/bike bridge over 66 to connect the housing/hospital to the north to all of the retail to the south. Right now your only route is to cross 66 on 15, which gets backed up sometimes. Giving folks who live/work by the hospital a way to get to the retail/eateries just south of them would make sense.

Henry Howell

I agree with parts of your statement, however it seems you don't go out often as there has been a pedestrian/bike bridge over I-66 for 4+ years now. People go over it all the time and it connects the town of Haymarket with the Hospital.

John Sebastian

If you're referring to either the Rt. 15 or the Old Carolina Rd. bridges, that's not what I mean. Crossing the Rt. 15 bridge involves no less than 4 crosswalks on what is a very busy interchange. Old Carolina is too far to the east to make walking/biking worth it unless you were trying to go somewhere right in the middle of downtown Haymarket.

I'm saying a purely bike/pedestrian bridge just west of the hospital, roughly halfway between Rt. 15 and Antioch that connects Heathcote directly with Rt. 55 would be ideal. There are thousands of residents and hospital employees that would be able to use it to get to the continually-growing commercial area off 55.

However, from what I understand there are some in the county planning office who are trying to get Heathcote extended all the way to Antioch, which would make the above a moot point as they would argue those folks could drive west to Antioch and down to 55 instead.

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