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Ah yes, Virginia has such a refined palate.

According to a recent study of Google search trends across the country, the commonwealth's favorite Super Bowl snack is ... the cocktail wiener.

But before you start making any Virginia weenie jokes, the little frank takes the trophy for being No. 1 in the most amount of states, according the study by

The cheap and easy cocktail weenie was the most popular in 10 states besides the commonwealth, including Colorado, Connecticut, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, Tennessee and Wisconsin.

Google trends also show Super Bowl fans across the country love their dips, with seven-layer dip the most popular in a whopping 20 states.

super bowl food map

Coming in at a distant second was buffalo chicken dip, which was the most popular in six states, primarily in the Southwest, including Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Hawaii and Florida.

But drill down and analyze the most popular Super Bowl food within the 20 largest metro cities, cocktail weenies only make one appearance on the list in Indianapolis.

When it comes to cities, dips take first place, with seven-layer dip inching out buffalo chicken dip as most popular.

In D.C. and Maryland, Super Bowl snacks aren't following the nation's trends. According to Google searches, D.C.'s favorite Super Bowl food is garlic parmesan wings. And in Maryland, where you might expect crab dip to make an appearance, the favorite game day snack is, instead, blue cheese deep.

So just how much are we spending on Super Bowl munchies? The bid-on-equipment survey of 1,200 Americans found, on average, folks are spending about $69 on food, drinks, decorations or team merchandise for the game.

However, when it comes to hosting a Super Bowl party the price tag more than doubles to $174.


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