The All Dulles Area Muslim Society, known as ADAMS, has scheduled an informational meeting Tuesday evening about plans to build a mosque in the Nokesville area.

The meeting is at 7 p.m. at the Nokesville Volunteer Fire Department at 12816 Marstellar Drive.

ADAMS, which has branches in Sterling, Ashburn, Chantilly and Gainesville, sent a letter inviting homeowners in the area to hear about its plans for a 14-acre property at 12655 Vint Hill Road. The Gainesville branch currently meets at a hotel in the Manassas area.

“At this meeting we will provide a brief overview of the project and have members [of] ADAMS available to answer any questions you may have,” the letter said.

ADAMS representatives did not immediately returns calls and emails for comment Monday. But on the organization’s website, ADAMS said plans for the new mosque and Islamic community center are moving forward.

The facility is expected to have a large prayer hall, classrooms, library and activity room. ADAMS hopes the venue will offer a place for “interfaith, outreach, and civic programs with the community at large,” the website says.


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This is not right. Look at what the Muslims are doing in the Middle East, in Europe and Australia and they are allowed to build large Mosques where they can meet, plan, and wage Jihad against American right here in America.


Well you know what they say about Muslims - 99% give the rest of them a bad name.


I wonder if they'll be performing gay marriages there..


This should be a blast!

Ess Kay

Ahh, the capitalist free market meeting demand! This project will help create jobs, increase investment in the local economy and maybe even result in less ignorance in the county.



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