LaTanya McDade Prince William School Superintendent

LaTanya McDade was chosen as the next leader of Prince William County Public Schools on Wednesday, March 24, 2021. 

LaTanya McDade will earn a starting annual salary of $310,000 as the next superintendent of Prince William County Schools, according to her four-year contract agreement with the school board.

McDade will also earn the same percentage salary increase as the rest of the division’s staff with each annual budget. According to the Chicago Tribune, McDade earned a base salary of $210,000 last year as chief education officers with Chicago Public Schools, the third highest salary in the district.

“The contract that we’ve agreed to with LaTanya McDade is comparable to surrounding regional superintendents, and at her level of experience it’s the type of contract needed to attract someone with her caliber,” School Board Chair Babur Lateef told InsideNoVa.

When she officially takes the reins of the school district in June, she’ll have spent 21 years in Chicago, first working as a teacher, then assistant principal and principal in the city’s public school system, the third largest in the country. 

A daughter of immigrants from Belize and a native of Chicago, McDade will be the first Black person and first woman to lead the division in its history. 

Throughout the four-year contract, McDade will meet with the school board in October to set goals and evaluate her and the division’s progress in meeting them. Lateef said the board had previously met with Walts over the summer, but that most academic performance data from the previous school year wasn’t available until the fall.

At their first evaluation meeting this October, the board and McDade will “meet to discuss and agree upon the process and forms to be used for the superintendent’s annual evaluation, contract discussions, and goal setting,” according to the contract.

“We’ll work with her this fall to come up with goals and set up a schedule for evaluations,” Lateef said. “That’s when the data is available from the prior year … we’re trying to align the evaluation with the timing of when academic performance data is available.”

She’ll take over a school division that, like many others, has seen a drop in some academic achievement metrics with full and partial virtual learning during COVID-19. Division data showed a dramatic increase in the number of students failing more than one class during quarters one and two of this year over the previous year.

Required to live inside the county for the duration of the contract, the division will reimburse McDade for up to $20,000 in relocation costs. PWCS will also either pay her a $12,000 automobile allowance per school year, or provide her with a car.

Jared Foretek covers the Manassas area and regional news across Northern Virginia. Reach him at



Jared Foretek covers the Manassas area and regional news across Northern Virginia. Reach him at

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The County Supervisor, Chris Martino, earns $350,000 for basically sitting on his butt. I'll bet that Mrs. McDade will work 10 times harder than he does.

Joe Christmas

Folks should look up Chicago St university, where she went to college. There is a reason folks (even from Chicagoland) have never heard of it. Then folks should look at the "academic success" of students in Chicago public schools. Both really get one to scratch their head as to why the district would hire someone with those "credentials"...... hmmm


geez .. no wonder taxes keep going up. Bloated salaries across the board ... tax payers are getting screwed ...

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